ZeroVSH Patcher to mod your PSP


ZeroVSH Patcher is a plugin that allows users to customize their PSP the fullest extent.

CFW/HEN’s supported:

  • M33
  • TN
  • PRO
  • ME
  • GEN
  • more, but untested

File types supported:

  • Fonts – .pgf
  • Bitmap Images – .bmp
  • Resources – .rco
  • Gameboots – .pmf
  • Modules – .prx
  • Default themes – .dat
  • (more to come hopefully)

ZeroVSH Patcher redirects the loading of such items from flash to your memory stick or internal storage, thus removing the fear of bricking.

Just place all the files in xx0:/PSP/VSH/ and let the plugin do the rest of the work.

But the most visual things anyone would like to change would be:

  • Battery and loading icons: system_plugin_fg.rco
  • XMB Waves: system_plugin_bg.rco
  • Volume: impose_plugin.rco
  • Music Player: Music_player_plugin.rco
  • XMB Sounds: system_plugin.rco
  • XMB Fonts: ltn0.pgf
  • Gameboot: Gameboot.pmf

It’s as simple as downloading CTF Tool GUI and then converting the theme to your current PSP version and extracting the content. Then, using ZeroVSH Patcher you can load the .rco/.pmf and you’ve already changed a file inside the XMB, and then it is just simply picking files from different themes and mixing them to see which mixture is the best for you! If anyone would like to make a custom boot then go ahead and click the download button below.




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  1. yukon says:

    Great plugin. I combined this with other .rco files and got amazing results. Wish that we could save the rco folder to create a full ctf theme.

  2. Mr.Exaggeration says:

    Wow, I honestly thought that the site wouldn’t do anymore news on the psp now that the Vita scene is growing pretty fast.

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  4. Abiysrc says:

    is this safe for psp 3004 havinh 6.20 tn-e