Game Decrypter V3 Released. Now Supports 5.00 M33 CFW

Game Decrypter v3 Released. Patch 5.55 & 6.00 Games to work on CFW.

Game Decrypter v3 Released. Patch 5.55 & 6.00 Games to work on CFW.

Yoshihiro is back, this time basing his work off the resent Eboot patcher he has released Game Decrypter v3. Which will decrypt and patch eboots that will now work on Dark_AleX’s . It also has better compatibility with 5.03 GEN-A which might have been problematic before. And since you don’t have to use the windows eboot patcher, you can use this without a Windows OS.

OK so you know have two options offered to you to decipher your EBOOT.BIN. Either, patch the eboot to play on 5.50GEN-B or patch it for 5.00M33 and 5.03GEN

For a full game decrypter compatibility list, please visit our forum Game Decrypter compatibility list by Ultimakillz.

Yoshihiro’s Game Decrypter notes:

Compatibility with 5.03GEn is now complete (or not so far). Thanxs to Revenge-crew for their patch on my v2 that i use for V3)

How i can use this tool ?

  • Install the GameZDecryptZ folder in your X:PSP/GAME  folder
  • Open you iso with UMDGEN 4
  • Go to File>File List>Export
  • Save it as Filelist.txt
  • Extract the EBOOT.BIN with UMDGEN4 in PSP_GAME/SYSDIR
  • Put your EBOOT.BIN extracted from UMDGEN PSP_GAME/SYSDIR and put it on root of your memory stick
  • Now you can boot game decrypter now you can press X 5 seconds later it’s done :)
  • Connect your usb cable check on root of your memory stick you have a new folder called decryptor
  • Copy the eboot.bin from the decryptor folder inside umdgen
  • Go to File>File List>Import
  • Choose Filelist.txt
  • Select YES to forcing LBAs, then Save
  • Rebuild your ISO

Source: PSPGen

Thanks skyend for the tip.

Download: Yoshihiro’s Game Decrypter V3
(Yoshihiro’s Game Decrypter V3 - 53.8 KiB - 15,436 Hits)

Download: UMD Gen 4
(UMD Gen 4 - 1.1 MiB - 148,009 Hits)

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  2. PSP-2010 says:


  3. DGRTXTREME says:

    awesome thank you

  4. se7en says:

    Nice one! Now Im wishing for a Homebrew Application to function like UMDGen so we dont need to use PC anymore when extracting and rebuilding ISO.

  5. remiboy says:

    great great great!!!!!!, i already did this with the patcher, but this better.

  6. carlosvilar1 says:

    primero que nada muchas gracias por el aporte y decir que esta pagina es genial seguir asi

  7. dtrickster95 says:

    since it uses revenge crews patcher thing does this mean that it also works with 5.03 MHU?

  8. krystoffer002 says:

    yeah, it works pretty good. thanks for this!

  9. sixty-nine says:

    thanks for this, im running 5.03Gen-A on my psp 3k im about to test gran turismo and i’ll tell you guys if it was a success :)

  10. sixty-nine says:


  11. Chardless8876 says:

    Can confirm that GT and Dirt 2 work with this, on PSP3000 with 5.03 Gen-A Full. Previously went to black screen but now works fine. These are full ISO’s have not tried compressing them

  12. beejays says:

    anyone tried using mgs demo.. making it into an iso then decrypting heheheheh… maybe i’ll try a little later just to be sure

  13. Tidus0515 says:

    This is really awesome. It’s great that sony makes all these moves to protect their product and the games, and all it takes is some simple proggies to even the playing field between them and hackers.

    • VampireSR says:

      hey tidus0515 you said that there will be a video for PSP 3000 5.50CFW or eloader where is it man

  14. apongus says:

    can this decrypt soul calibur broken destiny? because i have a problem with that game’s loading before the fighting scene. i have psp3000 with 5.03 mhu

  15. janco123 says:

    working great on psp-2000 5.00m33-6 thank you!! I tried with gran turismo

  16. Groggz says:

    hey..i have a psp3000 5.03 GEN-A..everytime im trying to decrypt the eboot it brings the message .. cannot decrypt games Eboot Tag 0xE78E8018 unknown :( ..does anyone have an idea what could i do with worked only once with Dirt2 but when i started the game only black screen and nothing else..

    • usernamegeneric says:

      i think when the decrypter fails with that unknown error it means the eboot is already decrypted.
      in that case just run the eboot patch separately. i dont think this app will patch a decrypted eboot.
      also… i could not get persona to boot without doing the filelist.txt part. follow all the steps.

  17. usernamegeneric says:

    you should buy the umd and use the apps here to make backups. pirating is illegal and not condoned.

  18. grimjoww1 says:

    about this instruction

    Copy the eboot.bin from the decryptor folder inside umdgen

    i couldnt find an eboot.bin from the decryptor folder… can anyone help??

  19. switch says:

    hi all…
    i have a psp-2003 with chickhen custom firmware 5.50 m33-4 with a duel microcard (16gbx2)

    i have a few new games i cant play which need the new firmware 5.55+
    im not sure what to do?
    will there be a new update coming for my ChickHen version? or is this the only way to get them to work?
    if its only this, then will this work wiith what i have as i couldnt find any text about my version…?


  20. themacman24 says:

    I don’t know what happened I followed the guide presented from a member from v2 but it didn’t work on gran turismo:( Any help would be great. It just has the black screen of death and I have to remove the battery, I’m running a 3000 5.03 GEN-A and I also tested my friends 2000 ta088v2 running 5.00m33-6 and it didn’t work either:(

  21. Stevson143 says:

    plzzzzzz help me my psp 3001 stock when i open the games its play but when the play station end its all black plzzzzz reply

  22. nealpsp3k says:

    hi guys i have a psp3k i have a CFW MHU why my psp turns off when ever i run gran turismo?? please help me!!!

  23. nakazato says:

    hey er… i can do most of it but i cant find the EBOOT.BIN in the decryptor file. what do i do?