Yet another CSO Compressor (Yacc) v0.4.0.1 Released


Yet another CSO Compressor (Yacc) v0.4.0.1 Released:

Yet another CSO Compressor (Yacc) v0.4.0.1

Kapoue3 has released Yet another CSO Compressor v0.4.0.1 or Yacc. This version features a lot of internal changes and over improvements. Also added is a system information tab for Windows XP and Vista.


– no ugly ms-dos window when compressing
– all tasks are threaded and the GUI doesn’t freeze when ciso.exe is launched
– batch processing for compress many iso files
– launch 2 or 4 compressions at the same (very useful for hyperthreading or dualcore cpu owners)
– can use the powerful compressor : CisoPlus!
– can speak 10 languages! (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Brazilian, Polish, Dutch)
– easy drag&drop file selection and some other cool features…

Source: YACC

Download: Yet another CSO Compressor (Yacc) v0.4.0.1
(Yet another CSO Compressor (Yacc) v0.4.0.1 - 3.6 MiB - 63,330 Hits)

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    Useing it now nice inhterface great as last nigt i count fix my file comeing up as corrupted data and now i wont ever have that proplm again

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    lol brazilian isn’t a language. Portuguese is the language. Basssinga