Yabase 0.9.10 Sega Saturn Emulator for PSP

Sega Saturn USA version

Sega Saturn PSP Emulator Yabase 0.9.10

The Yabase Team responcable for PC, MAC and other system versions of their Yabase Sega Saturn Emulator have finally released a PSP port for use to try out.


Important notice
PSP support for Yabause is experimental; please be aware that some things
may not work well (or at all), and in particular there’s no configuration
interface yet.

Also, please note that Yabause REQUIRES a PSP Slim (PSP-200x) or later.
Yabause isn’t (yet?) lean enough to run in 24MB of RAM. Sorry!

How to use Yabause (PSP-specific notes)
There is currently no way to configure Yabause, so copy the data you want
to run into the same directory as EBOOT.PBP with the following filenames:

CD.ISO — CD image (can also be a cuesheet)
BACKUP.BIN — Backup RAM image (optional)

The directional pad and analog stick can both be used to emulate the
Saturn controller’s directional pad. Button controls are predefined as

Start — Start
A — Square
B — Cross
C — (unassigned)
X — Triangle
Y — Circle
Z — (unassigned)
L — L
R — R

Source: Yabase.org

Download: Yabase 0.9.10 Sega Saturn Emulator for PSP
(Yabase 0.9.10 Sega Saturn Emulator for PSP - 328.0 KiB - 9,382 Hits)

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  1. Doritoes says:

    I’ll give it a go, hopefully should work now.

  2. PSPFan says:

    Here’s a tip you need to use ISO files and make sure you rename it CD.ISO otherwise it does work. I’ll post a demo of Daytona USA once I get that working.

  3. squishy says:

    Hey guys is it workable for v3 mobos? Ive a copy of Guardian Heroes and I really hoped that it’ll work.

  4. Destro says:

    I manage to get Mr. Bones to the stop me but it wasn’t playable after that. TIP: When using BIN/CUE image files, there is no need to convert to ISO format, just rename the *.cue file to CD.ISO and leave the *.bin file as is. And if any game you try can’t get past the SEGA logo in the first 15 secs don’t bother waiting.

  5. jardin says:

    Does this work on the Half Byte Loader?