XMBCtrl v1.2 beta released


Remember 6.20 TN-E? Remember its menu? Do you regret upgrading to CFW because of it? No need to worry anymore as is now updated to version 1.2beta to support the 6.60 CFWs released last week. Let’s see what else has changed in this new version :
[+] Added Freecore xmbctrl.
[!] Visual fixes.
[!] Fixed crashing on PSPgo (ME).

To clear the possible misunderstandings let’s answer some of the most common questions on the topic :

  • What is XMBCtrl? This is a plugin that lets you to change the most common settings from the PSP menu instead from the vsh or recovery.
  • What firmware are supported? All 6.xx B9 as well as latest 6.60/6.39 ME.
  • What PSP Models are supported? All PSP models are supported.
  • I am using 6.60 CFW and the program doesn’t boot up.What should I do? Install Sense Me application and it will boot just fine.

How to install?

  • Download the archive below.
  • Unrar and copy the “XMBCtrl” folder to PSP/GAME. Copy all text files included in the archive in the root of your memory stick/internal memory.
  • Run the program from Game -> Memory Stick.
  • ” Choose Install XMB Control [ME] ”  if you are on ME CFW or ” Choose Install XMB Control [PRO] ” if you are on PRO CFW.
  • The PSP will reboot and the plugin will be enabled.

How to use ?

  • Go to Settings -> PRO Settings
  • Change your settings as you want.

Source : [wololo’s forums]

Download XMBCtrl 1.2beta


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  1. Acid_Snake says:


  2. Aviral says:

    make this plugin run permanent from cfw it waste my lots u idiot kid!!

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  4. triniteGQ says:

    hey guys, thanks for this cool plugin… however, I can’t seem to run it. It installs but it won’t run “PRO Settings”. I guess it’s because of the “Sense me” application not installed (there’s an icon for it on the xmb though). I am not able to install it because my wifi doesn’t work. Anybody know what to install it manually?

    • dimy93 says:

      Sense me can be download from playstation official site somewhere.

      • triniteGQ says:

        thanks man! just did and the plugin works just fine now! I should’ve thought about that… this SensMe thingy is nice eh…

  5. Thonglover says:

    Thank you!
    P.S to admin thank you for unbanning me i won’t troll again and also WILL THIS WORK FOR THE PSPGO?

  6. iamEpoi says:

    kewl.. if i use this plug in.. is it possible to disable the recovery menu function when pressing “Select” ? thanks.. :D

  7. Toung Inah!!! says:

    When i use this plugin…… Localizer.prx wont work anymore :(

  8. vasi4_5 says:

    Dimy93 много поздрави от psp-bg.net!

  9. vasi4_5 says:

    Мяркай се чат пат във форума бе пич :D Липсваш ни!

  10. ranch says:

    HELP.. I have 6.60 ME-1.2 and I tried to install it but the ME Setting is not working.. What shall I do? Thank you,, :)

  11. Rodgers says:

    Hey guys, is it safe for 6.20 PRO B8 Permanent Patch?will it work only for LCFW’S?

  12. JYeong says:

    XMBCtrol v1.2 works perfect on my Pro 6.60 B9 model 9g
    After installing SensMe from the website

  13. Rocker!! says:

    WORKS PERFECTLY!!! on my 6.20 pro b9

  14. psplover says:

    does this work wid 6.35 pro-b7?? plse reply!!

  15. Fajr says:

    Version v1.3 has been released!

  16. sharingan says:

    not work can`t open the pro settings