XMB Icon Manager, Customize your XMB icon functions


XMB Icon Manager

Here’s something new from Total_Noob via Team GEN. Xmb Icon Manager, this prx plug-in lets you rename and modify the functions of the XMB icons. And all without touching the flash0. (Which as we know can be is risky – Bricks aren’t nice..)

You can use the network update icon to now shut down your PSP. Rename icons to suit your needs, for example an icon to boot a homebrew or PSX game. Below is a list of what modes are available.

What does it do ?

  • Can change the name of any icon
  • Can change the function of any icon
  • Launch a files directly from any icon

Modes available are :

  • shutdown
  • suspend
  • reboot
  • game (launch homebrews)
  • updater (Launch update)
  • pops (launch PSXgames)
  • backup (Launch ISO/CSO)
  • restartvsh (reboot VSH – usefull for PSP running under HEN or 5.03GEN)

Installation is like any other prx plug-in. Add the following line to your vsh.txt inside the plug-ins folder of your MS.

ms0:/seplugins/xmbim.prx 1

Usage is detailed over at the source.

Source: PSPGen

Download: XMB Icon Manager
(XMB Icon Manager - 6.8 KiB - 7,005 Hits)

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  • Zantel

    I have a question.. i have a psp AV205801303-PSP3001.. ofw 6.20.. does this work on my psp?

    • http://pspslimhacks.com/ PSPFan

      Nope, you need aPSP running CFW 3.71 M33 +

      • ehergin

        Hey Psp Fan I was wondering, i have a Psp 3000 running 5.03 GEN-C does hellcats Wallpaper Changer work for me? If so can I use the .rco files with it? Thanks in advance !

      • dsiist

        will this work on psp 3000 on 5.03 gen-c

      • dsiist

        will this work on a psp 3000 5.03 GEN-C and if it will is there a chance of brick

  • Megablade136

    This is isn’t working for me.

    I have a PSP – 3000 with 5.03 GEN-C. My other plugins are Dayviewer, CWCHEAT, and Gamecategories.

    OK, so I boot into ChickHEN, then try to start up 5.03 GEN-C. It says rebooting into Gen-C and after that it freezes and turns off. Help.

    • crimsonshadow

      im french and i use pspgen too. It doesnt work on 5.03 GEN-C but total_noob have already patch that bug but we have to wait a day or two.

    • dsiist

      delete vsh.txt plugins block booting into CFW

  • darktech

    hey PSPFan, i’m gonna digg this! other people need to know about the coolness of this plugin so they don’t accidentally update or somethin’.

  • TylerDTS


  • KG6ZVP

    Am I the only one on 5.00-M33-6 who is having trouble? Thus far, I have only used it to launch applications, but unfortunately it crashes the PSP every time I try to launch one.

  • KG6ZVP

    PROBLEM: PSP crashes on Homebrew / ISO backup / POPs
    SOLUTION: in the path “ms0:\ISO\game.iso”, change the line to “ms0:/ISO/game.iso”

    Does this help anyone who has had problems?

    • magorem

      I have the same problem, im trying to launch Go Tube on camera, but it says error something, i tried both ways and doesnt work…

  • pspfortress

    psp system crashes sometime when i press any of the xmb icon, i use 5.5gen-d3. but anyway thanks to the one who made this.

  • jinzchen03

    what should i put in update file= “?” to restatr vsh

  • smoke

    what i really want is this or something to allow me to add my own icons with there own new functions like a add playlist button

  • cruzm405

    would this work for psp 2001 version 5.50 gen D3

    • dsiist

      YeS it will

  • http://freepspredeemcodes.blogspot.com/ PSP Codes

    I’m loving this icon manager, I can create my own to fit my needs. :D

  • Jake

    Cool :)

    Too bad no-one else cares :(

  • TheBlobster

    Nice if only you could change what the icon looks like though.. That would be simply awesome lol.