XLink Kai Plugin Play Ad Hoc games over the Internet


Team XLink Kai have released a new plugin for Custom Firmware PSP’s that lets you play games over the net in Ad Hoc mode. Many games have multiplayer via Ad Hoc but not infrastructure mode. However with plug-in you can play over the net in Ad Hoc mode. Nice! And you don’t need a USB wireless adapter anymore.

There are a few requirements needed in order to get this up and running. A PC with Windows XP 32bit, Vista 32bit. A PC with Window Vista 64bit or 7 64bit might need some working to get the usb driver to work. Try unsigned driver enforcement off when booting Windows (F8)

What to install:

Your also going to need a USB cable to connect your PSP to your PC. Read the instructions from the readme in the AdHoc to USB zip. Remember if your a dumb arse and cheat you will be banned!

How to use from the readme:

–¬† How to use

– Run Xlink Kai

– Run Game

– Run bridge.exe, and select “MS LoopBack Driver”

– Connect USB

– Play Communication Game

Source: Team Xlink

Download: AdHoc to USB driver and XLink Kai Plugin
(AdHoc to USB driver and XLink Kai Plugin - 69.3 KiB - 10,013 Hits)

Download: PSP Type B drivers 32bit and 64bit
(PSP Type B drivers 32bit and 64bit - 99.8 KiB - 10,781 Hits)

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  1. jack1005 says:

    will these work on psp 2000 with ta88v3 mobo?


    i hope these will cure the port forward error hehehe

  2. uchiha_tiko says:

    i think this will be good for the Buzz game

  3. uchiha_tiko says:

    and mainly for modnation racers so that we don’t have to buy that online plugin in psn

  4. terbo559 says:

    anyone plays street fighter alpha 3?

  5. terbo559 says:

    anyone plays NBA Live 10?

  6. manobon says:

    This is great news for CFW users…but, any chance of using Xlink Kai without a separate wireless router/adapter for OFW users? (That is, by just using a similar USB-to-PC procedure)

  7. kirby145 says:

    Finally.. I could not get this to work before. This is great news

  8. Keyblade Spirit says:

    So do other people have to be using this too? Like if I wanted to go online with Ad Hoc, could I only connect with other people using this plugin? Or will it work with anyone?

  9. Gamble_STARS says:

    has ne1 used this yet

  10. yukinaze says:

    I DON’T NEED THIS BULL SHIT XLink Kai Plugin Play Ad Hoc games over the Internet

  11. yukinaze says:

    hehehehhe PEACE TO ALL

  12. yukinaze says:

    this is a crap…

  13. yukinaze says:

    there are so many games that require 6.20 but our custom firmware are not compatible we need to patch to play the game..

  14. Latios721 says:

    i dont want this thingy anymore cause it doesnt work, could u plz tell me how to change back my loopback thingy so that my internet connection stops saying limited or no connectivity with 10.0mbps?

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  16. ColorblindMonk says:

    Oh, lucky me. My PSP chose to brake completely upon seeing this article.

  17. skylinekid17 says:

    ok so do you need the Wifi Max adapter for this PRX?

    • Gamble_STARS says:

      no u dont just USB cord and CFW psp of course…

      • skylinekid17 says:

        lol how do you run a multiplayer game with this? Most ppl are on just chatting. I am just trying to atleast do one race against someone on GT for PSP but Monster Hunter > than all the games lolz Thanks

  18. Kill099 says:

    I just tested this yesterday and it worked great at least on MHFU ^_^. I had problems first on installing PSP 2 drivers and running bridge.exe but in the end I found how to.

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  20. Jeffski says:

    OMG MHFU FTW!!! I hope my fellow hunters are getting this^_^

  21. iGEN says:

    These directions seriously suck. I mean for new people.

  22. LordSpawn says:

    anyone play metal gear solid peace walker ? looking to try this plugin thing with adhoc cooop mode my xlink kai username thing is LordSpawn email me ur name so we can add each other

    i still dont know how to run the bridge program thign what im supposed to do says select ms loopback adapter but all it says is to type 1 or 2 so wtf do i do?

  23. scjzij3j3Lez says:

    is it comptible wto my psp 3000 with 6.30ofw?

    • miggykloude says:

      is it comptible wto my psp 3000 with 6.30ofw?,,,

      yes! absolutely…NOT!! waahahahaha,,,,,

  24. jack says:

    it work ok but if someone lag the game lag as well + this is full of @S japan people that just want to be @s to US player if u are playing gundam vs gundam plus like i did they will walk away from u if u are US
    and i don’t find anyone that play anything good my guess of this is a waste of time to install on less u are playing with a friend and there really not alot use this. if anyone want play with me username in XLinK
    IGN: zerokiller2

    i play any game + jap game as well

    • Latios721 says:

      i got alot of psp games so if u want to vs in kingdom hearts birth by sleep (jap-eng patched and working on promethius) or anything else, i can give u a list of all the games i got, c u then

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  26. PSP-2010 says:

    dont need this, i use ggpo. Who plays SF Alpha/Zero 3? on ggpo

  27. ChaosPaladinFayt says:

    Hey, can anyone help me? I have a psp 3000 and im trying to enable the Adhoctousb plugin. When i go to the recovery menu and to plugins, nothing shows up except button assign, and activate wma player and something else, but no plugin. i’ve already tried doing the L + R + []+ select thing (whatever taht does) and it doesnt work either. However, i have manually enabled the plugin in the game.txt file, so would that still be ok if i just manually enabled it? would it still work? thnxs

  28. ChaosPaladinFayt says:

    sorry for double posting, but i have another question
    what do i do with the driver folder that is up for download?

  29. xXORAnG3Xx says:

    Will this work with windows Vista? I see the link to “How to install the Microsoft Loopback adapter in Windows XP” but i have windows vista 32bit.. What do i use for Vista?

  30. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    this is cool for gta

  31. Arsenal fan says:

    as anyone got it running for vista 32 bit?

  32. lkyrios says:

    Working on 6.20 TN HEN?

  33. vhin says:

    will this work on WINdows 7?

  34. Dtudepsp says:

    it says it is not a valid win32 program

  35. Aoxtyler says:

    please help same issue on psp type b drivers. is that pluggin for my comp or cfw for psp ? please help

  36. omar22 says:

    does it work for cfw 6.60 pro 10

  37. UnGato says:

    the game crashes when i try to enter in the online mode in any game, my custom firmware is 6.60 pro 9

  38. Hiro cruz says:

    i get 404 when i try to go to page :/