Sony : Vita’s updating will be easier.



Remember every time you sit to play your newly bought game and you got a splash message asking you to update your PS3 or PSP? You answer to few questions mainly with  “Yes” or “Accept” and then comes the progress bar that seems to take years and years to count from 1 to 100. That will change at least for the PSV. According to Shuhei Yoshida SCEE Worldwide Studio Boss Sony is on the problem. Here is what he says on the topic :

“I agree, it’s very annoying when you only have one hour in your busy life to play a game, and when you have to spend 30 minutes out of that one hour to update the hardware. So it’s not necessarily the frequency of how we update, it’s like you said – intrusiveness – of the current processes that we have on PS3 and PSP. I cannot talk about specific plans, but we are very aware of the issues, and we’d like to address those issues on PS Vita going forward.”

This means easier updates on the Vita but also means harder downgrading process when comes to CFW as the update probably will just change and add files instead of completely reflashes the whole firmware.

Source : [GameInformer]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Or It could be easier to downgrade ya never know but if they do small delta updates It might be easier to pin point what’s changed and modify it

  2. Dimy93 says:

    well image the situation that some OFW module hasn’t changed at all since first OFW and update 3.50 change it. Where you find the original? Most probably this means that we should get modules of all motherboards of specific fw that we want to downgrade to. But as you say we never know