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Ok, so you found us!

This here is the information you have been looking since you first bought your Vita way back whenever that was :)

Total Noob, famous for his TN Hen tool for the PSP a few years ago, is back on the Sony scene with an insane release: a PSP Custom Firmware compatible with the recently leaked Urbanix Exploit!

Total Noob just published a PSP CFW that works on the PS Vita on firmware 1.81 if you own the Urbanix Mini. That Mini can still be purchased on the PSN as I type this, and if you’re lucky enough to have a European account, you can get the mini for free by going to this url.

I haven’t tested this yet, but I can pretty much guarantee this is not a Fake, and the person behind this really is Total_Noob. More explanations will come later about the features of this CFW, but in the meantime hurry up, get yourself a copy of Urbanix, and give this a try.

Incase you haven’t already noticed Urbanix has been removed from the EU store.

The files you need for both the EU and US versions can be found here.

People who are on lower firmwares with a previous exploit such as Monster hunter, Super Collapse 3, etc… should stay there and wait.


This is said to be working on 1.80 & 1.81 versions.


Cheers for reading,,


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  1. Anthony says:

    can someone explain step by step on how to get the homebrews on i cant seem to get it right now matter how hard i try. i have the us version

    • Thekornerkids says:

      theres 3 way you need to do this but you need get them in this directory, ms0:/PSP/GAME, just like on the older model psp’s
      you can use filezilla, explorer and ftp them onto your m2 card or install them from within ecf
      for the filezilla and explorer ftp method you need the vita ftp homebrew app

  2. Adamant says:

    Will this work with the jewel keepers/urbanix bundle?  It’s still on the US ps store, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP :)

    • Snake2243 says:

       i read up on that, (at the time) you will only get the jewel game and not urbanix. thats said, the game has been patched to all hell, your to late. dont sweat it bro, like everything else, it will be hacked

      • Adamant says:

         If you buy the bundle and only get one game isn’t that kind of illegal lol?

      • Snake2243 says:

         thats EXACTLY what the last guy said, but its true. to late now anyway the game is patched

      • skylinekid17 says:

        One small step at a time. Wasn’t expecting this at all….When I saw this I thought I was out of it from being hungry lol. Like all the other games there will be new ones or maybe…(don’t want to really share an idea on what can be done publicly at the moment since it’s fresh. Just an idea to take into consideration). PM me.

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  4. Keyur Suthar says:

    any CFW that runs PSP and PSV games?…like both from the game cards and from free downloads?…Main need for CFW is to play PSV games …

  5. Keyur Suthar says:

    is there any CFW to run PSP iso and PSV games?…like both from
    game cards and free PSV downloads?….the need for CFW is to Play PSV games not PSP games as one can happily do that over a PSP

  6. Takato says:

    Is this actually CFW for the Vita or is it just another useless fucking PSP exploit?

    • Thekornerkids says:

      its cfw in the sense it does every thing youd expect from a custom firmware.
      is it another fucking psp exploit, no because no psp exploit is useless, they all have potential.
      the best way to tell you what this is is that it is ecf, emulated custom firmware.
      if you remember lcfw for the psp go, youll understand that this is not a permanent cfw but rather a light or emulated cfw.
      thus ecf or emulate custom firmware.

      yes it will play isos/csos/homebrew/emus
      no it will not be permanently installed, fuck up your system or play vita games as since there is no reason to other then piracy which we as a community should be against

  7. Guest says:

    I found a bug on a vita game. How can I get info to see if a exploit can be found? I didnt report the bug just in case.

  8. PSV-gamer says:

    wher is ps vita hack 2.01 ?

  9. sdhkjds says:

    here is good site to download psp iso/cso

  10. kirt says:

    can this cfw run on psvita from japan?