Video Capture on PSP. Possibility?

Members of the SCE

Members of the SCE

If you’ve kept up with the PS3 news, you may have heard something about video capturing PS3 games. Well now there’s a possibility it’ll come to the PSP as well.

We all know that the PS3 has by far superior features so it will be difficult to bring it to the PSP.

Do you think it should or can be done?

Source: Impress Watch, IGN.

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  1. FR350Z says:

    Well, IMO I think it CAN be done, but since the PSP isn’t as powerful as a PS3 or PC, the video size will not be small, thus needing a bigger memstick. As for video quality, I think the PSP can crank out some decent video.

  2. PSP-Fan says:

    Really don’t know if the PSP CPU would be up to the task, I mean its a single core with 333mhz tops. Its no quad core….

    I guess if it was to happen we might a PSP-4000 with a built in camera lol!

  3. joshob1987 says:

    possibility? Its more than possible. I save instant replay clips of badass plays I make in madden 09 all the time. I did it with 08 and 07 too so its been possible at least 3 years.

  4. Puntymario says:

    Whatever you do don’t click that idiots name it sends you to a porn site that you can’t leave without ending processes. Its prbably a virus or something

  5. Phil says:

    I think it would be a waste of resources. At best it would equal the video camera I bought at target for 100 bucks. It has no light so lighting would be an issue and the video quality would be mediocre. Just keep the psp dedicated to gaming and add a faster cpu and more ram.

  6. phoenix1414 says:

    idk from my experiences the psp has trouble taking a single screenshot 1-2 sec. so from that i really doubt the psp has the power to take video of itself. and joshob1987 thats totally different from this, this is talking about taking video in real time. not like in your game when that play is already sitting in your ram.

  7. explosion says:

    I’d like it. I hate having to use remote joy and a pc-based screen cap program to do it.

  8. mkamz says:

    thats fuckin shit

  9. [T_S]Manutd says:

    What idiot ?