VHBL on 2.01


Ok soooo, we are really sorry about the lack of posting news recently to be quite honest my computer died so right now im using my Android phone to post for you guys.

Anyway lets get to the point. For the past week their has been a new OFW (2.01) with that being said has made it possible for to be loaded on 2.01 firmware and a video will below with on 2.01 in action with a demonstration of Zelda being played on the mastetboy app, Wagic and PSPfiler.

Frostgator also has a port of ecfw TN c.

VHBL, eCFW-TN-C will be available for 2.01 and downloadable soon.

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  • Revrev


  • Figueslash23

    Hello I’m new on this I’m traing to hack my vita all the videos I look say that I need one game to load the vhbl – cuestion with 2.01 update the vhbl work with out a game plees help

  • Suckadick

    vhbl is garbage, does anyone even care about that?

  • Clack

    cant wait for the release i need to try some psp games that are not in the store its sonys fault for not releasing all the good psp games

  • zimm

    where do i download