Unofficial DSonPSP .01 released – Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP



Since Yoshihiro is having a break from the PSP scene. Jonlimle has picked up the project and decided to continue Yoshihiro’s work with his own unofficial build of the emulator. So far there is only a front in change, but jonlimle has big plans for the emualtor. We hope to see the following in future builds; support for zipped roms, savestates and more VFPU usage to name a few.

Jonlimle’s notes:

Original port by YoshiHiro based on DeSmUmE core 9

This is a continuation of the old DSonPSP project. I have included one homebrew game… Also in the package is a file called “” it contains all of the DS samples that i have tested and that work, if you want to test them uncompress it and put the .nds files in the same folder as the eboot

Place all of your other DS homebrew/backups in the same folder as the EBOOT

Unofficial DSonPSP 0.01 changelog and to-do:

-New frontend

-DynaRec support
-More VFPU usage
-Menu access while playing a game, so you can switch your rom without restarting the emulator
-support for zipped roms

Source: quickjump

Download: Unofficial DSonPSP .01
(Unofficial DSonPSP .01 - 2.2 MiB - 59,850 Hits)

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  1. PSPFan says:

    Its great to see someone continue this project of Yoshihiro’s. Some nice features in the todo list there.

  2. chaar91 says:

    nice work hope to play pokemon gold for ds in psp

  3. magorem says:

    Just another emulator to prove that Psp beats all the competence, what is more humiliating than watching a psp doing what a DS hardly can do.

    • thenoan says:

      wow psp fanboys are almost as bad as apple fanboys. ill just stick to playing my ds games on my ds and my psp games on my psp, but this is a great show of how powerful the psp is

    • kitetsu says:

      Hush, both of you.

      PSP and DS have their own ups and downs, and neither of them are even perfect.

      To name a few, the PSP’s battery life is overall even worse than the DS at its lowest settings, it still doesn’t have a homebrew that’s equal to DSOrganize (Look it up. It’s a PDA-like program that PSPFile is merely a scant fraction of), the popsloader’s compatibility list changes with each release, and what’s worse is that the actual PSP games are a fraction of the DS, meaning that there’s less games of each niche genre I can enjoy (i.e. Dungeon Explorer and how much the thing is made by people who DON’T CARE).

      On the other hand, PSP is good enough to run CPS-1/2 arcade games, it’s got a GBA emulator that doesn’t literally take 5 minutes just to change between GBA games, and unlike the DS, you can turn off the PSP at any time and turn it back on again to continue where you left off. The DS’ way of doing this is much more risky, and I’ve had many instances where my DS just freezes the game when I open it up again from sleep mode.

      So unlike you goddamn fanboys, I chose to buy both a DS and a PSP, and I intend to keep them both. It’s better this way than frustrating myself into buying one half of a world.

      • tveye says:

        @ kitetsu

        Amen, brother. I have ‘em both as well.

      • magorem says:

        It looks like you dont know all the possibles apps for the psp. The psp has BETTER dungeons games than the DS, what can you do with a DS? PDA??? …. Well, looks like we are comparing a Prius with a Lamborghini. The Prius has that fancy little things, but i like the Lamborghini. ~~

      • thenoan says:

        i have both as well, i enjoy both of them pretty much equally they both sit on the tank of my toilet in the bathroom. people wonder why it takes me 30 minutes in the can

    • joshd666 says:

      I have to Disagree. Psp has its awesomeness and all.. Sony is just WAAY more stubborn then Nintendo. To hack the ds you have to… OH WAIT. You DONT have to hack the DS. Dont get me wrong. I prefer the psp as well.. If the psp got a qwerty and a touch screen. And a RAM upgrade. I would be with you there. But The DS has alot of things the psp doesnt.

      • pspfortress says:

        “But The DS has alot of things the psp doesnt.” Kindly mention what are those. Its just uthe user interface I think.

      • assmunch says:

        what joshd666 was refering to is a ton of games and an open system. if your waiting at your local game store for new psp games then you have to just wait (psp2 is gonna be announced soon so it all makes sense) in contrast new ds games come out every week. ds is an open system not by nintedos wanting but that is the way it is.

        it isnt hard to see why nintendo has sold wayyyy more ds systems than sony has the psp.

        btw i also have both systems.

      • BlueBomberX says:

        What does the DS have that the PSP doesn’t? Well for starters, DS can’t play PSX Games, PSP Games, Homebrew apps, Emulators, and customize themes. I think that the PSP most definately out performs DS in more ways than one.

      • blackbirdpr says:

        dont forget the new 3DS with the 3d engine

      • sam says:


        don’t forget the NGP too, which has a touch screen and two cameras.

  4. PSP-2010 says:

    looking forward to future developments on this emu.

  5. ColinL96 says:

    does this work for the HB loader? my usb cable broke so i cant check

  6. Dragonman3000 says:


  7. kitetsu says:

    PLEASE please please just don’t let this project die. I would love for my PSP to be able to play Izuna 2 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon as well enough as the DS, since there’s next to no freaking roguelikes like them for the PSP.

  8. N@T3 says:

    I wont knock this project nor the people who started/continued it i did try it out on my psp 2000 and it kinda just seems like one of those things where its like “hey look what i can do i can play ds on psp” this is far from %100 and i understand its still a beta but at the same time i dont see it going past beta. just get a ds with an r4

  9. kitetsu says:


    Just because a PSP game is 800MB bigger than a DS game, it doesn’t automatically make it good. Dungeon Explorer and Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony can speak for how unbelievably overblown and bollocks it is.

  10. Wolfdawg says:

    Please Dont let this die, Im not sure if its possible for full speed because Its not even perfect on the PC, What frames are you guys getting?, I cant because Im on the hbl r79 :p

  11. KyuukiKid says:

    This is promising but I also think that this is going one of those things that will be like “hey look what i can do on psp” but won’t be used most of the time because of what little bugs and problems it might have, I hope it won’t die but also think that it will always be in a beta stage because the ds emulator on the computer still has some bugs. Oh and please stop posting spam comments on which is better, the ds or the psp, as it has nothing to do with the subject and irritating to read through the comments and mostly see the people’s only comments are about comparing the two gaming systems. If you really want to compare, get both and post your results on a blog or someplace that actually cares.

  12. BlueBomberX says:

    Why doesnt this work on PSP 3000 Model? I am currently running 5.03 Gen-C Full and when I run the program it freezes. Anyone know what the problem might be?

  13. FriiGamer says:

    i hope there’s a usable build of this emulator in time for pokemon black & white.

  14. Dragonman3000 says:

    And what FPS for those games you getting? Im curious abt that

  15. GameMaster1229 says:

    Wow This Homebrew App is very sucky. I don’t understand why anyone would attempt to try putting DS emulator for a PSP? Its common sense that it won’t run barely.

    Laggs and plays games soooooooo slow. Not worth even trying this.

    • kitetsu says:

      That’s why you WAIT. Unlike most people, I’m forced to wait long periods for nearly anything I’m interested in to get an update (i.e. Berserk manga), so what I do is the shocking act of “doing something else to make up the time”.

      I may be extremely impatient when it comes to loading times, but there’s a fine line between being impatient and being demanding.

  16. jetboss says:

    well guys i no longer have a psp been a couple months now and was considering to buy a dsi .. which i am getting now lol but i will buy another psp for one reason only that is to play monster hunter 3 …. sony is killing our hombrew scene … and i personally think that the psp will be all but dead by next year September if we dont find a savior by then … anyway R.I.P psp R.I.P DaX

  17. juggalo86 says:

    my opinion, psp will never die. i sold all my gameboy shit. now i have all the same stuff on my psp. enough games to last a few lifetimes. same with all my nintendo, super nintendo, n64, sega, atari. all a that. psp 4 ever. and a big whoop whoop to juggalo420

  18. jonlimle says:

    will be releasing my version 0.2 in the next week, will for sure have some speed improvements, and the ability to load a new rom without restarting, i will also be bringing back the cursor from the official 0.7 release, and possibly will fix the crashes in the pokemon games and mariokart, and i also want to say MMFWCL to juggalo420 and juggalo86

    • Wolfdawg says:

      Awesome, How often will it be updated?, And do you ever think it will go fullspeed or even close?

      • jonlimle says:

        I will try to put out atleast 1 update a month, possibly 2 a month, and speed wise, i do think i will be able to achieve near perfect emulation of 2D games, and atleast 50%-70%on 3D games

    • synthccp says:

      Why do you waste time with emulating the DS? why not letting the DS think that the PSP is a SuperDS (since both are arm technology) or even port that DS Flashcard operating system to PSP if it works it would rule man.

      • kitetsu says:

        How the hell would you know that he’s a supergenius who can port an entire OS into a PSP from scratch? Quit being such an anal fanboy.

      • kitetsu says:

        PS: I’ve tried playing dungeon crawler games on the PSP again. They’re no fucking better than the ones on the DS – THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEMS. Go write your own Dungeon Crawlers for me to play if you think the PSP’s game library is that much better to you.

      • jonlimle says:

        just thought you should know, the DS uses a 33MHz ARM7 CPU and 66MHz ARM9 CPU, the PSP uses a 333MHz MIPS R4000 CPU, not an ARM CPU

  19. Wolfdawg says:

    So do you have a website or anything to post updates, or are you just going to post the new versions on here?
    (sorry If you do have a website but Iv looked every where)

  20. jonlimle says:

    no, i dont have a website, and i will likely just post releases on qj, psp-hacks and on here, and soon i will use the sourceforge page for the website

  21. Sunset Hero says:

    Hey Jon, I’m not trying to sound impatient, but didn’t you say that you’d have an update in a week? About 2 and a half weeks ago? I’m just wondering if there is any hold ups.

    • Wolfdawg says:

      Yea being late is completely fine but don’t let this Die
      and I think you said .02 will work on hbl r85 but wont that be slow?
      I don’t want it on hbl if its just going to go slow, its a waste of time to make

    • jonlimle says:

      dont worry, i have been working on multiple things, there will be a release soon

  22. killer_elephant says:

    Hope 0.2 will have speed 70%….

  23. synthccp says:

    Hey can you use the m3 real perfect Firmware thats not too big togheter with a original DS firmware dump thats not too big either to run DS more smooth and tell the PSP that it’s a DS ;) keeping your cool graphic gliders and stuff Just wondering…

  24. playingames says:

    I downloaded the emulator,but now i can’t find a place to download the roms. Any good websites?

  25. Wolfdawg says:

    I guess its dead, maybe someday .02

  26. -Robin- says:

    hey jonlinle when is the version .02 coming?

    And please dont let this project die it’s aleredy been 43 days since the .01 version and i really like this this project

    • Wolfdawg says:

      yep its dead, the site form is gone
      but check out comment by me (wolfdawg) should be at the bottom still (in the hbl r94 comments)

      and comment “I VOTE YES” :D

  27. psp2000 says:

    can you make another one… like the 0.7version with the black small square.. (touch screen)
    ..add in for the current one…

  28. Wolfdawg says:

    I was thinking of of taking on the Emulator
    BUT, I have no programing experience
    I will learn C if Im going to do it

    But after talking with team eld, Underscore. He said 70% is impossible or not worth it
    I wish jonlimle would say something, although he/she might actually be dead : /
    does anybody know if jonlimle is alive/ok?

    • BlueBomberX says:

      i know some programming and once I take my C++ course then maybe I will try to attack these emulators. I don’t think that DSonPSP will die because like Wolfdawg said, They have gone too far to just let it die. If they complete the program and get out of the Beta stage then make it work that would be awesome because not only would you be able to play DS games on my psp, but that will one up the DS on what it is capable of doing.

  29. -Robin- says:

    yeah i don’t think either this project will die and like jonlimle sayd (I do think i will be able to achieve near perfect emulation of 2D games, and atleast 50%-70%on 3D games) so if its possible to get it to run like 70% on 3D games and 100% on 2D games so is it still great. i just hope someone will continue on this project because it’s really great

  30. ultramanhyper says:

    Thank you for this

  31. Wolfdawg says:

    This is interesting (sorry I forgot to post back like a month ago)

    I have no ideal what he has done with DSonPSP, because I use HBL
    he has mentioned a new revision. So we can wait for that

  32. -Robin- says:

    cool thx for the information :p

  33. kyaw says:

    Excuse me… the sample nds roms work but other roms i downloaded won’t work.
    the roms i tested are pokemon platinum, fire emblem shadow dragon and harvest moon grand bazaar.
    The screen becomes white.
    Does anybody have an idea what’s happening??

  34. SEAMONSTER says:

    pokemon pearl and diamond does not work on my 6.20 tn-c psp 3004. HELP.

  35. HOBOMONSTER says:

    is there any update? This looks promising months ago.

  36. BullsEye says:

    This is what I think about nds emulator on psp.
    Learning nds 3d stuff library and how to make a psp and nds commercial games(not the usual homebrew) might solve the mystery of slow speed.
    Well,most probably people gonna criticize badly soon enough.

  37. GEorge says:

    dios la psp como a cresido aora cone stos avances qde ke ia se pueden emular juegos de la nintendo ds

    owoooo qemaravilla… n.n smpre dije qe la psp es la mejor i todo grasias a los programadores qe asen este tipo de kosas n.n se agradece

  38. HeMI says:

    does this emulator runs on PSP 3002 with 6.20 TN D???

  39. Carnal894 says:

    How does pokemon heart gold run on this? tell me now so i can prepare for the worst lol.

  40. Mark Brian says:

    this update is about a year ago right??any good news now??or still working on it??.. i want this emulator so badly for my psp. i hope this emulator is not the end..

  41. Hamza says:

    man this emulator is super duper slow

  42. Dark Adonis says:

    Well, too bad for all of you. it runs fine with me, only thing is, i dont know yet how to ‘touch” the screen. ill figure it out and post it. oh, almost forgot, I have the psp slim, and fw is 5.50 prome-4

  43. GUEST POWERS says:




  45. GUEST POWERS says:


  46. Giannisalegras says:

    Thanks it works perfect but it is a little slow.

  47. Kofiking123 says:


  48. Lemonparty says:

    Guest Powers is a douche

  49. Lv24magmar says:

    Do any Pokemon games work on DS? 

    • Dear Lv24magmar,This emulator plays old Pokemon games because of the FPS. 
      The new Pokemon games such as Platinum, Black and White run in high quality
      The PSP does not handle this
      If there was a DS emulator for PS Vita it could handle it
      If you have any questions just reply

      • Kaz says:

        Im not entirely sure how this works so I could be just talking nonsense,  can’t a HBL run the DS emulator?  And since a couple HBL have been made for the Vita can’t you just run it on there?

      • pspnobs4life says:

        will pokemon diamond/pearl

      • Guys this is a proof of concept emulator more than anything. DS runs slowly on PC’s (except gaming PC where DS runs flawlessly) you really expect the DS to run well on the PSP 400mhz processor when it runs like shit on a PC 2.2ghz processor?
        That’s like trying to emulate Nintendo 64 games on a PS1.

      • JT says:

        help why i cant controll it!!!