Unofficial DSonPSP .01 released – Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP



Since Yoshihiro is having a break from the PSP scene. Jonlimle has picked up the project and decided to continue Yoshihiro’s work with his own unofficial build of the emulator. So far there is only a front in change, but jonlimle has big plans for the emualtor. We hope to see the following in future builds; support for zipped roms, savestates and more VFPU usage to name a few.

Jonlimle’s notes:

Original port by YoshiHiro based on DeSmUmE core 9

This is a continuation of the old DSonPSP project. I have included one homebrew game… Also in the package is a file called “” it contains all of the DS samples that i have tested and that work, if you want to test them uncompress it and put the .nds files in the same folder as the eboot

Place all of your other DS homebrew/backups in the same folder as the EBOOT

Unofficial DSonPSP 0.01 changelog and to-do:

-New frontend

-DynaRec support
-More VFPU usage
-Menu access while playing a game, so you can switch your rom without restarting the emulator
-support for zipped roms

Source: quickjump

Download: Unofficial DSonPSP .01
(Unofficial DSonPSP .01 - 2.2 MiB - 59,806 Hits)

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  1. Martin says:

    Unfortunately it crashed with all other games, then homebrew

  2. Nazca says:

    it says the file is corrupted, what should i do?

    • KimuraSetsuna says:

       run the custom firmware 1st

      • Wo4runescape says:


      • Rachel says:

        First, if don’t already have custom firmware, you can get it anywhere, or go to youtube, there’s alot of tutorials showing you how. Once you get it, on your psp go to your games and start PRO UPDATE. (Whenever you shut your psp off, you’ll notice that your .iso games are gone; just click on FAST RECOVERY.) After you’ve clicked on fast recovery (and your games appear), then install the emulator, run it, and you’re done.

  3. Jimharm2003 says:

    How do you install the roms on this one?

  4. ilovepokemon says:

    When will new, better, emulator come out? Please respond :D

  5. Arlanjade Deocampo says:

    where do i put the rom?

  6. candyboy123s says:

    Can u make it go faster? because i’m tried to play a digimon game but it go soo slow

  7. vincent says:

    can it work with digimon world ds

  8. Aninda says:

    good work guys keep it up nd continue makin it

  9. rafftheboss says:

    where do i put the folder nd where do i get roms from

  10. IMMAPOKEMONmaster says:


  11. George Banatas says:

    How do i download this? :S

  12. RageQuitter says:

    I cant download the file… :(

  13. bradley says:

    How the hell do i download it. I keep clicking download but it takes me to custom firmwares

  14. Benjamim Silva says:

    keep makin it !

  15. ---GOD--- says:

    get my hope up for nothing bitch

  16. JeppyBlue says:

    how do you put downloaded games into it ?