UNO takes top position on PSN December 2012 charts


According to the US Playstation blog, UNO by gameloft took the top position for most purchased in the PSP category for the month of December.Now we all know that UNO was exploited earlier that month using a buffer overflow exploit, which allowed users to execute arbitrary code on their consoles.Renowned developer Frostegator released a port of CEF for the PS Vita’s 2.02 Official Firmware, which further boosted the downloads.

Most Purchased Games on the PSN.Screenshot from US Playstation Blog

Most Purchased Games on the PSN.Screenshot from US Playstation Blog

Following recents events, Sony has pulled UNO off its stores as quickly as possible.But what makes this news most interesting is the exploit was released to the public on 31st of December.That means either a LOT of purchases were made on 31st December itself owing to the private nature of the exploit prior to its release or people do not purchase games on PSN anymore.

GTA Vice City Stories,  NBA 2K13, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Star Wars: Battlefront II were the games next to UNO on the most purchased list.Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has been exploited previously by the developers and I am sure other games on that list will be tested for similar exploits.

All the exploits found for the PS Vita yet are PSP exploits, ie they take advantage of PSP’s Emulator built into the PS Vita.We havent seen a pure Vita exploit which would open the realms of a new PS Vita scene.Here’s Hoping!

Source : US Playstation Blog

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  1. Johan says:

    Is there a way for the hacking community to unlock all of the Vita’s functionality EXCEPT for game installations? I am a firm believer in open platforms, yet we can’t deny that the vast majority of people who use these exploits, do so for piracy. 

    Whether piracy really affects a system success or not is always open for debate, but if hackers take so much pride in unlocking a system like the Vita, why don’t they undertake a far more challenging goal by unlocking everything in a system except what allows for game piracy? I don’t think it is impossible, but yet again, I am not versed in this stuff. All I want is the perfect system, one that is completely open but that at the same time secure.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    • skyend says:

      yes, once a kernel exploit is found for the PS Vita ( not the inbuilt PSP Emulator ), devs can access and dump kernel memory.Once they reverse engineer the code, more functionality can be added.It is bound to happen sometime, sooner or later.
      I concur your opinions on piracy.But the thing is, once the system is wide open, some other dev can use the code to implement measures for ISO loading that bypass security measures.I doubt an open system can be secure at the same time ( talking about Vita in mind ofcourse )