Unconfirmed: New PSP Emulator Exploit for the PS Vita


A user nicknamed zaiii over at Wololo’s forum claims that he has found a new exploit in the PSP Emulator of PS Vita.The exploit is unconfirmed yet, but reputed developers are in process of confirming the nature of the exploit.

The hacker also posted a video on YouTube demonstrating a Hello World Proof Of Concept.Check out the video below


The exploit runs on Official Firmware version 2.02 and is in early stages of development.If this doesnt turns out to be fake, then the people who missed UNO exploit might see some homebrew action or even ECFW if combined with a kernel exploit.

We are waiting for the confirmation from Wololo’s and will keep you updated on the news.Thanks for reading.




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  1. nice, but I am not interested in buying games to have the exploit :) I have psp 3000 so its redundant for me :) I will be interested in hacks as they find a way to hack Vita itself witch will not be possible for about a year or so. It is simple as that sony dont let you hack the device until sales hurt them bad, then miraculously a guy hacks a console and it lasts for 6 months and without an update you cant play online etc. By the time of patch, sales of consoles goes up and the guy that found the update starts to work for sony or gets payed to be silent :) We got taste of free stuff (demo) they got their sales up again. Just to say flukes are possible, so psp being hacked all the way might be a lucky break or sony giving up on console.

    • Joe says:

      I like your point of view. Other stuff is getting more popularity (ouya, nvidia’s shield, etc) while PS Vita is sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

  2. DjStiv3 says:

    i just wish everything hacking oriented was easier surrounding the vita… finaly got the UNO thing figured out like a week ago but cant get nuthin working when copying over from pc to the vita in the ZIP file from within the save
    oh well thanks for making me waste 5 bucks on that stupid game

    i dont get why we cant at least have a flash card released for emulators like on a ds yes they are much smaller but i know its possible or at the very least how can we not get “signed” homebrew to work on the vita? that is even more atrocious come on hackers i know you can figure this out

    • haha says:

      maybe hackers that hack psp grew old. so new hacker still cannot hack or lazy teenagers. lol

    • Adrian Epic says:

      The real problem is Sony, in all their “stop piracy” efforts, spent a small fortune developing the proprietary Vita memory cards.. NO OTHER Device can read them, write them or figure out what the hell kinda system they use to build them.. Until people actually figure out the hardware encryption and build formatting for the PS vita cards, there won’t be any hacks.. That’s the main problem right now.

      The psp hackers are still working on the scene, there was just a post about it recently too, both the psp pro and psp tn teams are working together/sharing code now.. If ANYTHING is going to come of vita hacking, we’ll probably see it in the next few months.