Ultra Pandora Installer V3


Ultra Pandora Installer V3

If you did not already know the new Ultra V3 is now up for grabs.If you don’t know what the ultra was, it is a app that you can install despertar v3 and v4, you can also create a pandora and make a normal battery through it. You can also install multi ipls, and install a mispl bin, you can also format your memory stick through it. The only Con about it is that it isnt in English, but you can understand what it is. If you still cant understand what it is just look at the pictures it has, but i have never spoke in a foreign language and i can still understand it.You can download it below.

Download: Ultra Pandora Installer V3
(Ultra Pandora Installer V3 - 1.7 MiB - 168,028 Hits)


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  • Marcelo

    I want to Downgrade my PSP (FAT) from 3.90-M33-2 to 3.71-M33 (after update i cant find and run MP3 and VIDEOS, so i think that Downgrade to 3.71 solves my problem). The question is, does it run in my PSP (because im using 3.90-M33-2) ????

    • nathan

      ok… lol before 390…all the music and videos were in the ms0:\psp\ folder and now there in ms0:\music -=and=- ms0:\video


      (ps if im wrong…thats what happened to me…so if im wrong just backup yur s*** and do a format and put in respected folders)

  • vince253

    i tried booting up this application and it says error interno …. anyone can help me with that.?

  • spencer

    how do u install it

  • walty

    i tried making it into pandora but wen i turn it off and then on is if i never made pandora battier

  • walty

    it dont work i have a slim psp (silver) and i use it but it still stays the same help anyone??

  • inferno

    do you HAVE to have custom firmware to work this?

  • mike

    hey con anybody help i download the thing and it says can not load game



  • http://www.psp-hacksmember.com da x filez

    i think the ultra pandora is the best and its as good as the pandora 3.xx too. just follow the instruction.
    you require an official 1.50 eboot and a custom psp phat or slim.
    This is as simple as ABC capiche.


    yeah, but if you only have the 1.50 eboot
    then you will only downgrade to version 1.50
    and if you want to play,, lets say sega or nintendo games, you will need a 1.50 addon, perfect for the phat version, not good for the slim version
    and for psx games
    a popsloader may be required

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  • http://00987 Kiony

    help my pleas

  • http://00987 Jean

    hay need v4 pleas

  • http://00987 Kiony

    Hay Hacks PSP for You Information

  • http://00987 Marcelo

    Fuck You

  • http://00987 Kiony


  • Callarya

    Hi, I am new here. My PSP has 5.01 firmware version I would like to use ISO files. I have the 5.00 M33 Dark Alex Install, and I wanted to install this UltraPandora Installer v3, but it is sais the data is corrupted.
    What I have I missed? PLS help me


    Hi Calaarya,
    sos to say that I don’t have a solution for u but I am having exactly the same problem. I have tried ultrapandora but that says the same thing “cannot start game, data corrupt” Tnxs

  • Blackchidori

    come on. every time i install it on psp it always says corrupted data. need help.

  • Random

    What language is it in? spanish?

  • Reaper

    how does this work? You dont need to open your battery right? If you install this could you delete it incase you dont want it anymore?

  • http://mrbac.com nubie brian

    i got a phat bricked psp. no idea what version was on it. i have a slim 3001 model. am i correct to say that i need to use the slim and create a magic memory card. then take the phat battery and insert into the slim. use pandora installer v3 to create a pandora battery. then take the pandora battery and the magic memory stick and i can repair the phat model? bottom line is i dont want to mess up the new slim model that was just purchased. any replys greatly appreciated.

  • paolo

    how to use this? just copy and paste to the psp momoery stick?? help plsss

  • ganster

    hey I just wanna know where can I get custom firmware

  • nathan

    will this fix hard modded pandoras cus im looking for my pandora to test it but i cant find atm

    • Anthony

      If you hard modded your battery, this program won’t and can’t help you. The piece that is ripped out when making a hard modded battery controls the battery’s state. if you still have the piece (doubtful), then you could soldier it back on. Without it, sadly, there is nothing you can do besides buy a new battery. :(

  • Baxxter

    Hi i have psp slim spiderman version, and i wil downgrade my psp. But on psp i have just 4.05 orginal firmware.. så how i can downgrade can i do it with out pandora batteri and how?
    Please help..

  • sol05

    Hey… how can i download my psp to 2.xx something… coz mine has 5.02 version… and i cant play games that ive downloaded… pls need help real quick… pls help help help…. ill be back soon for your answers/help. hehe

    thanks again..

  • Cabana

    I want to down grade my psp from 5.5 to a suitable cfw.. How can i go about that.. i can’t play any homebrew on my psp.

  • katana091

    hey You Need A Keys.Bin File to have it work!!!!!!

  • katana091

    I Tried It And It Works But the Pandorised Menu Doesn’t Work SAys CorruPt

  • Sammy


  • Iddriss9

    my psp is bricked but i have no pandora so how do i unbrick it