Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob


Total_Noob is back again with his Ultimate VSH Menu Revision. This PRX Plug-in replaces the standard M33 or GEN VSH Menu with Ultimate VSH. Which ads a bunch of extra new features to the existing M33 or GEN VSH menu. It works with Custom Firmware 5.00M33, 5.02GEN, 5.03GEN & 5.50GEN. With handy features like screen dumping and easy Pandora battery options straight from the VSH (On compatible PSP motherboards and batteries of course). Like Total_Noob puts it, its a must have for your PSP. That I totally agree with.

Ultimate VSH Menu Revised release notes:

Ultimate VSH Menu Revised by Total_Noob is alternative plugin to replace M33 and GEN official VSH menu. It is compatabile with custom firmware versions; 5.00M33, 5.02GEN, 5.03GEN & 5.50GEN. It will be a MUST HAVE for your PSP.

– All functions of the official VSH Menu.
– The select button can either open the Recovery(in-VSH recovery), the VshMenu or nothing.
– The select button can be change via the combo R + L + [].
– Recovery can be open in the VSH Menu.
– An option in the VSH Menu to quickly start a homebrew (ms0:/PSP/GAME/VSHMENU/EBOOT.PBP).
– Convert battery option is available in the VSH Menu (convert battery to Normal, Pandora or Autoboot).
– Slim colors by Bubbletune integrated (for psp phat).
– Ability to hide MAC address in the system information.
– UMD update icon can be hide.
– Possible to take screenshots (NOTE, R + NOTE, L + NOTE, R + SCREEN, L + SCREEN or NOTE + SCREEN).
– Option to quickly change the game kernel (1.50 or 5.xx).
– USB charge can be change in the VSH Menu (only for psp slim).
– Ability to suspend the device in the VSH Menu.
– Support all psp models with CFW 5.00, 5.03 and 5.50

Copy .PRX to seplugins folder on your memory card
Type .PRX path in VSH.txt
Enable in Recovery menu & enjoy

Source: Total_noob dev site
Thanks to PSPGen for the download.

Download: Ultimate VSH Menu Final by Total_Noob
(Ultimate VSH Menu Final by Total_Noob - 282.3 KiB - 15,045 Hits)

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