Ultimate PSPTube v2.0 Released

Ultimate PSPTube 2.0 Released!

Ultimate PSPTube 2.0 Released!

PSP Developer JK108 has released Ultimate PSPTube v2.0. Most importantly this fixes many of the sites which seem have been broken. Ultimate PSPTube enables PSP video playback of all of the most popular video sharing sites including some extra ones….*cough*.

Ultimate PSPTube verison 2.0 changes:

* Kontraband is now included
* Wank.To is now included
* Fixed YouTube after the videos stopped working
* Fixed a bug in YouTube which caused it to display some searches incorrectly if they had few results
* Fixed a bug in MetaCafe which caused it to only show the first page
* Fixed a bug in Spike which caused it to only show the first page of results
* Fixed StreetFire after it stopped working
* Fixed the description in Current
* Fixed TheTend after the videos stopped working
* Fixed Google Video after the videos stopped working
* Fixed XVideos after the videos stopped working
* Had to remove the high quality feature from YouTube because fmt=6 videos have been removed from the website
* Had to remove TNAFlix because the videos now crash the PSP
* Had to remove Shufuni because the search doesn’t work properly and the video URL is more secure
* Had to remove ThatVideoSite because the website no longer appears to exist
* Had to remove Yuvutu because I can no longer obtain the search results

Source: Qj

Download: Ultimate PSPTube v2.0
(Ultimate PSPTube v2.0 - 5.7 MiB - 44,735 Hits)

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  • http://grimpy.com Grimp

    haha should rename it to PSPporn !

  • Navi Hacker

    This is great and awesome !

  • person

    hey is this for hacked psp’s only or can u use it on a regular psp

    • marcymarc

      why are you on the site if you are unhacked?

  • http://yahoo.com BALDO

    How do you install it?

    • lhmboi

      MotherFckr dnt even noe how to install it
      ur gaiiiiiiiiii

  • Thanatos32

    nice and thank good for the fixes i was wondering when you were going to do it

  • Miles

    Finally!! all the other emulators didn’t work but now beta 2 works for me!!!

  • fka

    on youtube the videos arent loading i need help

  • cem

    how do you install it on to your psp

  • VoXeR

    I keep getting
    “A connection error has occurred.

    What is that and how do I fix it?

    • caduch

      “A connection error has occurred.

      me too!

      Same thing occurs with Netfront!!??

      PSP3002 chickHEN R2

      • http://pspslimhacks.com XfatguyX

        me too, but older psptube versions kinda work.
        i got it to connect on older ones, but it can’t load vids.

  • Jay

    Has anyone tried to use ultimate psptube 2.0 + high memory mode? Running psptube 2.0 isn’t an issues but for some reason high memory mode wont work. I’m using ChickenHEN R2 on psp 3K. its the only Homebrew i’ve had issues with so far, running a number of them (e.g. Bookr, Snes9x, MAME4ALL, CAPCOM CPS2 Emulator, GBA gpSp) everytime i try to load high memory mode it gets to the loading page and says: “loading Ultimate PSPTube in Large Memory Mode – Ardata….” then freeze and i have to restart the psp which kicks me out of 5.03 ChickenHEN R2 and I have to start it up again (not an issue with the click with crazy method). anyone else had issues? or isn’t the high memory mode meant for the 3k?

    • ilovepi

      High memory mod probably won’t work ’till R3. One of the updates expected for R3 is a high memory mode available from the VSH menu. Until then you’ll have to deal with low memory.

  • red

    Nice. Im not too happy about the removal of the high quality feature, btw how do you change the screen sizes of the videos whilst being played?

  • th3pr0

    = = it doesnt seem to load the video on any site

  • Sergio M.

    I love how they basically go:
    “Okay, we have this porn site, this porn site, this one, this one, etc…Oh, and YouTube.”

    • Sergio M.

      In response to the descriptions of the previous versions.

  • Sakama

    Duh it doesnt work it psp3006…..5.50 firmware it doesnt work

    • Sintek

      Duh? You need at least 5.03 with Hen to run it.

  • Ace4evax007

    Hey I keep getting the error connection code 80410D17 and it only happens when I try to run PSPtube on my PSP 3000. I have chickHEN installed but none of my homebrew apps or emulators work can somebody please help me cause I am really aggravated by this and I want my gba emulator back.

  • psp3001WithHEN_R2

    I’ve got a psp 3001 With HEN_R2, and the UnOfficial kai gpsp works same also with masterboy emulator and snes9x. I have no problem running this psptube but whenever i try to connect (again same like some others) i get the message “a connection error has occurred (80410D17)”, this also happens with the netfront v4 browser chickHEN mod, it works but i can’t connect! Does someone know why this is happening? thanks

  • Ruben

    how do i start psptube i have it installed now
    do i just visit a site like youtube? and work???

    help plz

  • JP

    What file do you put it in?
    Were do you find it once its in?

  • djtj1985

    n e one know what the tracks called that plays in the background on this on the game select screen?

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  • Slim5.01

    hey I’ve got a problem
    I’ve downloaded ultimate psptube 1.9 and 2.0 thousand times and used different tutorials but it always says ”the game can’t be started. the data are corrupted

  • John66521

    ok first of all im not a noob but i dont know how to searh vids wit this cuz everytime i do it loads to nothing but i also heard that if you go to system, site then remove them weard files and you use the program again and if you type the removed site in url will the frigen site pop up on yur dam hacked psp? also i have a 2000 wit 5.00m33 so it should work

  • noone

    With mine nothing comes up

  • abstractrobbie

    I just get script errors when running it. I tried disabling and removing the failing script but it then just moves onto the next one it finds in the /sites folder and says there is a script load error in that too.
    My firmware is GEN D3 on PSP2000 slim.
    I can run the original PSPTube ok but the streaming is terrible running that.
    Any ideas why this is not working on my PSP, same problem when trying out GoTube too.

    • Noman163

      how can run orignal psptube on my psp 5.50 gen d3 please send me a mail on
      please send me feedback.

  • tadapapaya

    -go tube can’t save video
    -psp tube can save video
    -youtube not working anymore on psp tube.
    -youtube works on go tube but can’t go to the next pages of youtube video search


  • snipdiesel

    Youtube and most of the said to work sites no longer will show results for any search:(…..please try to fix soon:(

  • Joe

    does it work?

  • Declan

    Why does this not work anymore. THe fact that this doesn’t work is really pissing me off

  • Rudolfdomingo

    fuck you it doesnt work

  • http://twitter.com/rakibulhaque8 Rakibul Haque

    I piss on your dick

  • DDragon

    Runs extremely slowly and crashes the psp 99% of the time… wth i can watch vids on a 386 PC better than this