Ultimate Pandora’s Tool v5


PSP4Nooz has posted up their MMS installer, UPTv5. This nifty app allows you to create a Magic Memory Stick with different settings. Note that you will need the OFW eboot files to use this program. You can download them right here at PSH (for the slim eboots) or search the web yourself.

Latest version of UPT incorporating DC3, DC4, DC5 & DC7, WiFi downloads, updated UL, a modified version of DC7 to load Cory1492’s excellent app nandTool 0.4 fully personalized for PSP4Noobz, a new firmware install look with progress bar as well as other functions.
UPTv5 will not run under the 1.50 Kernel, the minimum it has been tested on 3.40 Kernel.

Download it here.

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  2. micoh says:

    why 3,4 and 5 only i see 7 dont have after i install it…i follow all the procedure. only the dc7 are missing

  3. micoh says:

    how to test it after installing?

  4. treefall says:

    they don’t work on 5.02 official firmware