Two more sleeps till PS Vita Official Worldwide release.


PS Vita only days away from its World Wide release.

The PS Vita has been out for a while for those in Japan. Or those that imported one and have it already (We are going to ignore you…). The rest of the world only has two more sleeps to wait till its official release. So did you pre-order yours? PSH did, we got our 5 dollar PSN discount and cheap blue earbud style headphones. Pretty cheap and nasty pre-order bonus if you ask us. Take back the earphones and give me another 5 dollar PSN discount on a game thank you Mr Sony. Don’t get me wrong, free is good of course. And GAME where I’m getting mine on Wednesday have added a free carry case to the pre-order pack. A better effort than Sony!

PSH will be coming alive again when the Scene comes back into action. We will keep you posted on the PS Vita and when the HBL (Half Byte Loader) Save data game exploit title is made public. It maybe given out this week? But highly doubt that. Thats jsut rumors from other sites. I think the HBL PSV Exploit team will wait a good while and give people a change to actually own the PS Vita first before the PSN title the HBL exploit needs is made public. Then when that happens the race is on to download the title before Sony pull the plug on it… And as always we will keep you informed!

So who is picking up a new shiney PSV this Wedensday ?? Are you excited??

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  1. yea im gonna get one first yipee

  2. Haganai says:

    I preorded from gamezone, and the bonus sure is good, except the sound quality are kind of low…
    i want to dl all my psp games on psvita, but it wont work, had to visit psstore and buy em to get it, and right now the store is offlimit where i live, so unless you guys hacks it somehow…-v-

  3. jeepman says:

    i cant wait targets giving a free 4gb memory stick with the purchase and all the games will be buy 2 get 1 free

  4. Kyle Hassen says:

    I got the pre-order edition and bought a 32gb card. Its a nice system, just those buttons are damn tiny, and i have large hands.

  5. Squiggs says:

    I already got mine. Fist edition bundle wort it completely

  6. antoine252 says:

    1 more sleep for me. gamestop is doing a midnight release cant wait.

  7. Israel Rodriguez says:

     Pre-ordered in Target, getting a free 4GB card (for buying a PSVita), B2G1 free game and the starter kit (pouch, headphones, cleaning cloth, screen protector and 4GB card), my brother works there so I get 10% also, sweet. Then a $20 gift card along with it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Our pre-order pack here is really bad. The cheap headphones and a case. No free memory cards for me. :( But I just ordered the 32GB one as I think I’ll be needing it for music and movies etc.

    • skylinekid17 says:

      Try and walk around with a 32GB ipod touch 4th gen and a Vita with 8GB lol….I think the 32GB will come in handy once emulators are created for the capacity of games,apps, homebrew, etc..

  9. Andre Linoge says:

    When can we get custom firmware?

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  11. miniwee says:

    I wish i had enough money to get one !!! you all lucky to get one tomorrow !!

  12. Haganai says:

    Everything’s ok, except for the stupid and sharp edges buttons, costume background fails, as it wont show perfectly..and low sound quality…

    Had to pay mass amount of money just for the console itself, and now we have to pay 1/4 worth of the console just to get a game…(sucks)

  13. skylinekid17 says:

    My girlfriend got jealous the day I got it. 4 days after I am already bored with my Vita. It needs better games…COD expected this September ;p

    Nothing to mess around with on this system….sooo limited atm until a breakthrough

  14. Saad-salahuddin1 says:

    Im getting my psvita in may