Total_Noob’s CFW 6.20 TN-A (HEN) update Nov 07


So we are all updated on Total_Noob’s progress with his pending 6.20 TN-A (HEN) release. Total_Noob today posted a new changelog. Which outlines the progress he has made so far and changes for 6.20 TN-A (HEN). He has also posted to make it clear to everyone that a 6.31 port will only be coming out when Sony releases a new firmware.

Keep up the good work TN !

07th November 6.20 TN-A (HEN) changelog:

Today I just added some extra features to the HEN, fixed VLF issue and resolved all important NIDs ;)

Changelog 7/11/10 :
– Reversed all systemctrl exports
– Added USB battery charging
– Added ability to watch 480×272 avc video
– Added feature to skip gameboot
– Added possibilty to hide PIC0.PNG and PIC1.PNG
– Fixed issue with some VLF homebrews
– Added possibilty to adjust CPU speed
– Added fake region feature
– Added TN network update
– Resolved all important NIDs
– Encreased homebrew compatibilty
– Compressed rebootex

Source: Total_Noob’s update blog

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  1. dimy93 says:

    really great update -there is so many improvements

  2. Viper_strike says:

    1 more missing changelog

    -added feature of streaming iso/cso

    LOL. Joking..any way nice job. looking forward to it.

  3. ziggy262 says:

    dang! Good job TN can’t wait for the new 480 x 272 video avc’s!!!!
    p.s. can this run daedalusx64 on 3000?

  4. Khassenpspgo says:

    this is great news, honestly i was about to sell my pspgo to help me get CoD black ops. this new is the best news ive heard all year.

    @ziggy262 – im sure it will run Daedalusx64.

    @viper_strike – TN wont support iso due to legal issue cause to many people are pirates. but as several people have mentioned, someone will port a plugin that will allow the use for iso/cso’s eventually.

  5. Lol-Nade says:

    I wonder how much Sony pays the guy to stalk these forums and download CFW to unwrap and disable for future OFW…

  6. alterpsp says:

    Great! good up date!, but when this new hen is going to be released?????? please!!!!!!!

  7. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    Seems that he has finally found away to toggle with the PSP’s Flash0 and increased the percentage of homebrew to be compatible with the PSP. Anyway I have good news. If he increased homebrew compatiblity, you can use the PSPAi03 Homebrew APP without flaws, but don’t get too Xtreme, because this has never been tried with the HEN. If you are wondering what the PSPAI03 is, I’ll give you the info on what it does. Its allows the player to use Download-Manager, an in-game APP that lets you install FW 1.50 – 6.20. It also lets you install Gameboots without having to send files to that certain folder instead, it installs it for you. The best things of all, it lets you install CXMB and Ultimate VSH Menu. The PSPAi03 Homebrew APP is currently playable via the HBL, BUT the things it lets you install WILL NOT INSTALL since you will need the CFW and files to do so. Lets hope the HEN gives us the prx’s and files we will need to install them.

  8. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    And most of this stuff could be done from the Recovery Menu, so this will make you think that you now have CFW, wait a sec, I think it is. since the System Software Version # has been changed and CUSTOMized, this can be said as having CFW

  9. Jtotheb1 says:

    Awsome looking good keep up the good work

    P.S. you spelled “Increasing” wrong lol

  10. samirpc says:

    Not even close to CFW :(

  11. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    For example. If i add a “C” at the end of 6.20, it will be CFW

    • yojo201 says:

      This is not CFW, and CFW is not possible due to the motherboard protection sony made. Everything here on this site is HEN or LCFW.

      HEN is a hack that allows homebrew to be used with your psp.
      LCFW is CFW installed to RAM rather than permanently flashing and replacing the old FW.

      This is what Wololo says and he is right.

      light custom firmware = installed to ram = goes away when psp is turned off.
      Homebrew enabled = kernel exploit that allows homebrew to be played on your psp = goes away when psp is turned off.
      Custom firmware = real firmware that replaces the old official firmware = not longer possible = DOES NOT GO AWAY when psp is turned off.

  12. aian says:

    again nice work man! Cant wait for the release.hope sony do another FW update for TN to release his HEN soon hehe.

  13. deadlyvirus says:

    Great Works!! just waiting 4 release :) we just want 6.20 hen now

  14. samirpc says:

    tHANKS 4 telling me that tik tok boom.

  15. robert.boby95 says:

    exact release date anyone?????

  16. viked says:

    lame or not i will ask till i get a successful answer, as i have no time for psp programming.

    psp is just a hardware and firwares are like OS so why cant people like total noob look for ways in psp to format all flash drives and reboot the one of our liking???

    why, why …………lol. but seriously we all know its possible so why not look into it?

    • hacktester says:

      Yeah.All of us know its possible,except everyone.
      I think I alredy told you,once you format all the flash drives,you CANT do anything more.You’ll get a brick.Thats like throwing your PSP in the wall and right after that try to make it work.Let me give you a hint:Its the same thing as you would throw it at the wall without trying to boot it at all.
      Argh,I wish Papison was here…He is way better at explaining things like those…

      • viked says:

        u know i would really apreciate u saying nothing or admitting u dont know.

        because formatting is NOT the same as bricking. you would obviously (with respect to my question) format only when you know how to load up a firmware.
        for instance if you medled with your psp and it REALLY bricks sony can always repair it by rebooting the firmware. SO BASICALLY I WAS ATTEMPTING TO MAKE PEOPLE REALIZE THAT it is possible to find such a mode/exploit/ way.

        all we need is a pc software that can load up the firmwares and something like a pandora to power up the psp( again i say some thing like a pandora) can be via any adapter.

      • viked says:

        plz spare me the shortforms or “appreciate” spelling , and i m not offending you all i m saying is you dont know what i am ideating…..

      • hacktester says:

        Ok,I admit it,you got me here xD I admit that I didnt think of a Pandora Baterry.I thought you were talking about an exploit or something like that…
        But I doubt something like that will happen.Maybe because they think a thing like that is useless over a CFW(just like almost every PSP owner thinks),or maybe they’re too busy in real life-m0skit0 left HBL because he was too busy in real life,and thats just an user mode exploit,not a 100% CFW hack-,or maybe they think that the PSP is too old and almost dead and are waiting for the PSP2 to hack it…To be honest,IDK.Maybe you should post such a question on Wololo’s blog or on TN’s blog…?-if you want to do it,I suggest you to go on wololo’s blog first because he’s not as busy as TN and he understands better english.You can also look on his forum
        Good luck!

      • viked says:

        lol seems like a better idea, plus here peeps like us might just quarell about stuff we barely have any idea about.

        ps: some sources claim that psp2 is indeed part android where update functions will be automated due to the sim connection, well i m sure sony can clear out bugs if they wanna. BASICALLY this site will be put out of business…haha.

    • Papison says:

      @Hacktester, I got your back :)
      We can reformat the flashes but the consequence will result in a BRICK.
      Brick is the term of an electronic device that is useless.
      Not one from the psp scene is known to have success fully decrypted the later IPL(Initial program loader) of psp 3000s and go’s.The PSP’s new CPUs won’t allow any forms of downgrades because of again the IPL. The previous versions of PSPs had an IPL exploit that made CFW(Custom Firmware) possible.

      PSP programmers now a days decrypts the firmware , debugs the firmware finds a kernel exploit and makes a HEN out of it.

      • Papison says:

        Bottom Line if we can Decrypt the IPL and the Hardware that holds the IPL then CFW is possible. At the moments we just don’t have the IPL information and a way of reinstalling the PSP’s Firmware at a brick state.

        If you don’t understand me just ask which bit is confusing.

  17. MadClaw says:

    I CANT WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD I got my psp is had 4.21 ofw on it or somin low, then i updated to 6.10 looked around on google and discovered chickHEN and i was like………..FUUUUUUUUUUUU. So …ya, Can’t wait for this (:

  18. […] there could be delays, but right now it seems right on track. you can check the latest update here: 6.20 TN-A (HEN) Total_Noob's CFW 6.20 TN-A (HEN) , PSP Hacks – PSP Slim Hacks __________________ :: The Rules :: How to Report a Post :: Read Before Posting :: :: […]

  19. Storm King says:

    I wish for ISO/CSO so I can play my old UMD’s :( sadly it most likely wont happen.

    I actually buy the UMD and convert so I can still support the DEV’s with my money.

    How do I upload my Gravatar to the site?

  20. Irfanhb7 says:

    Will the hen support usb iso loader

  21. Irfanhb7 says:

    Is psp 3000 & 3004 same

    • TiK-ToK-BooM says:

      And yes they are Irfanhb7. I don’t know why they are always saying “i have a psp 3000+” The only thing the last number stands for on 3000+ is your country.For example, I live in the U.S. and my PSP is saying 3001. If you live in Europe it would say something like 3004, if you lived in africa, it would say 3003. So its only a region code

  22. crusherxxx says:

    hi .. i have very recently bought a PSP 3004 (i am from Asia)… and am still trying to know things about my psp .. i know i can not run iso/cso right now (hopefully), but just wanted to confirm that, if I can not run iso / cso in this cfw then what exactly will be the use .. i mean what are these homebrews and what all can i do with my psp (currently has 6.10 ofw) .. its really important .. i have tried to understand a lot of things .. but all goes over my head .. if some1 cud explain in simple terms plsss. :) .. Thanks..


  23. hasu says:

    this is SO WEIRD .. i thought total noob said that he’s going to release HEN for 6.31 ..
    i read all comments his blog .. thats what i found.

    this is the proof.. “If Sony releases a new FW, the kernel exploit will be patched. Without kernel exploit I am not able to port HEN ”

    means he s not goin to wait for sony to release new FW to use the VSH exploit.
    He s going to release HEN for 6.31 using the VSH exploit ..
    COrrect me if Im wrong ..

  24. aian says:

    its only a hen short for Homebrew enabler meaning you can now play homebrews directly without going thru patapon exploit/HBL.if something comes up or someone who makes a new CFW for FW6.2 then its possible to play iso/cso games.but right now HEN is worth waiting right?

    • crusherxxx says:

      Thanks :) .. So does it mean that i can right now play homebrews through patapn and HBL .. if you dont mind me asking .. what are these two ? some sorta softwares ..

      i am very sorry .. i am very new to this .. and do not know much :(


      • hacktester says:

        There is a demo of Patapon 2(US version).Imagine that there’s a bug,a hole in that demo named exploit which could start a limited hack,like HBL.So HBL is a hack.By installing it you can use applications,emulators and tiny games which are usually 2D,but not always(there are some games like Guitar Star-a PSP version of Guitar Hero which can play Frets on Fire songs-,and there are some 3D games too.You just need to look for Twisted Download on this site so you will know which homebrews work and which dont).
        There’s also the posibility to change the font in the PSP menu,but that could also brick(destroy your PSP from the inside) your PSP,and we dont want that,right? :)
        So,the difference between a HEN and HBL is that a HEN can launch a bigger amount of homebrews.A HEN is also able to launch those homebrews directly from the menu,while HBL needs to open first another menu,and then choose the homebrew you would like to use and then have fun.
        So,I hope this will help you enough.If you have any questions,just ask.

      • crusherxxx says:

        so it means .. that it is dangerous to install hbls right ???

  25. hasu says:

    sorry i was mistaken .. (messed up) ;p

  26. aian says:

    no not at all.i mean HBL was develop by wololo for psp with higher FW and up to let your psp play some homebrews rather than staring at it being worthless.HBL is like a Hen but not totally a Hen because only limited homebrews can be Hacktester said, Hen gives you a more capability running homebrews which HBL cant provide. In short its much more powerful. But im very thankful for wololo coz TN wont be making any HEN if theres no HBL..or am i wrong??:D

  27. aian says:

    though trying to play some homebrews with HBL might brick your psp so be careful. Read first before you proceed. Reading doesnt hurt at all right? Oooops! Sorry for double posting! ;p

  28. TiK-ToK-BooM says:

    Installing custom fonts is not really dangerous as you are only going trough the registry (flash1) folder. There are little tutorials on how to install the custom fonts and most of them are misleading and some people don’t follow directions. It isnt dangerous to attempt this font mod, because you are only messing with the registry folder inside the flas1 and if you mess up, your PSP will ask for an on-screen repair and fix your registry folder. If you are interested in installing custom fonts PM me. You will also need PSPfiler ver4.4

    • Papison says:


      Chances of bricking the psp through the following flash partitions:

      Flash0: Contains the actual Firmware. 99% if you modify any file.
      Flash1: Contains the settings of the psp. 70% if you modify Fonts and delete the files = BSOD!!! = Brick!!!
      Flash2: 20% if the partition gets corrupted, it contains psp store account

      TN’s CFW is more or less a HEN Like Davee’s ChickHEN.

      • TiK-ToK-BooM says:

        Thats like the only way you can get a brick by changing the font, Thats why Im helping PSP users on how to mod their fonts the right way. I modifid my font over 30 times and still no brick. But the only badside to having a custom font is, you can’t download from the internet from the PSP and you cant see the words in your PSP’s keyboard

      • Papison says:

        1.Never motivate anyone who is unsure of what they are doing.
        2.PSPFiler is originally designed only for those fully hackable PSP Systems to sort files, If it is used incorrectly it will end up to a 100% Brick! guaranteed.

        PS: If you have a fully hackable PSP, do it till your heart’s content. For the ones that have a unhackable PSP and only relys on USER and Kernel exploit don’t even bother.

  29. hacktester says:

    @crusherxxx HBL in general isnt dangerous.But installing fonts using it could lead intro a brick.The rest are just applications,emulators and ,,tiny” games which cant do anything to your PSP.

  30. aian says:

    xmas is coming near and TN’s HEN is still not yet out. Argh im dying out here waiting.better do something else..
    Think.. Think.. Think… :D

  31. adam0000 says:

    Wow, I remember the good ol’ days when every PSP was hackable and we didnt have to deal with PSP-3000’s. In my opinion, I will never buy a 3000 because 2000 does the very same thing and it can have CFW.

    Although, I have had a PSPGO that i got in Japan October 1, 2009. I have used it maybe 5 times. So I am really hoping this opens the doors to the good ol’ homebrews and Iso/Cso loaders that many of us PSP ol timers love and enjoy.

    **My PSP’s and PS3 are mine, I spent my hard earned money on them when they were still brand new on the shlef, full price ($250 per PSP, $500 PS3), I can do whatever I like with them**

  32. D-TeK-DeV says:

    Correct me if im wrong but, the HEN should be coming out sooner than we thought it would, because it now supports TN network update. So it should be out the next day because, if he updates on it, we can use the TN update.

  33. D-TeK-DeV says:

    And plus its the weekend making for a greater possibility for it coming out sooner

    (I double post because i dont spam)

  34. psp owner says:

    hey everyone Its my first post to psp slim hacks
    who are interested in ISO loading this is a god news for you

    this is dridri ( or dridri86 or whatever he is known for) who has or is making a ISO loader

    This are his words :

    This is probably an iso loader invisible, a patch file and installs if necessary and can be started directly from the xmb isos as cf.And it is true.the openideaisoloader is like that.

    @ Zer01ne lepota and dridri are preparing a CF non-permanent with the following features:
    – Recovery mode
    – Boot iso
    – Start psx
    The rest is managed by the HEN (plugins and others)

    In fact there I ended ISO Loader, by doing this:
    – The reverse of systemctrl.prx 5.00 M33
    – Creation of my loader with just the features I need
    – 5.00M33 tests to check if the entire loader works
    – And changes all the patches from 5.00 ==> 6.20
    – And it is assumed that if the loader works and new patches are good, then it should work the first time.

    Here it is played on luck. At this stage I have done everything possible to make it compatible, but I am now the HEN to perform final testing.
    Otherwise the “new structure” will not pose problems because the loader is a program of very low level that only juggle the duties of reading and writing.

  35. D-TeK-DeV says:

    The homebrew world is progressing faster than I thought.

  36. aian says:

    i didnt fully understand what you just say pspowner but it sounds good news for me.:)
    hope it does work with TN’s Hen.
    I dont support piracy, only for me its just for fun not for profit. :)

  37. D-TeK-DeV says:

    I have no interest in ISOS/CSO’s. Im just ready to get the HEN to use plugins such as gta cheatdevice

  38. aian says:

    still no update on TN’s HEN… :(

    • hacktester says:

      I guess TN has a life too…
      He has school and all.We should be grateful for what he done so far,I have school too and I have no idea how the hell is he able to work like that in weekends,Im barely able to do my homework those days…(dont understand me wrong,I do anything I need to do,its just the fact that it takes time and after you done with the homework you cant do anything but sleep since youre very tired)

  39. aian says:

    well i guess your right man.i too have a life, i’ve been like that and now working for hours and after that going home tired.i cant blame TN or even you about that.maybe thats why he said its coming before christmas coz it will be a long holiday. :)
    only its getting me really excited for HEN hehe.

  40. psp owner says:


    I agree with you as TN cannot know what it feels to wait for such things for months as he will be busy in making the HEN will be having fun but guy like me has lot of time but cannot invest it and about my before post about iso is ONLY for who CARES for iso and who not DON’T READ IT !!


    HAVE FUN :) :)

  41. yojo201 says:

    When TN releases the HEN i am totally going to jizz my pants…..

  42. D-TeK-DeV says:

    The HEN should be ready for release since it has the TN Network Update. Really don’t know why its taking so long. Might as well trade your 3000 for a 2000 to get faster and better entertainment. I understand that he has a life and such, but he can have more days off if he releases the HEN. The users will be downloading away and having their favorite games satisfying them until he fixes bugs and and other codes. When he fixes them, we can use the TN Network Update.