Total_Noob pushes 7th revision of ecfw


Hi there,
Total_Noob has released another revision for his TN-V eCFW for PS Vita. This brings up the version to 7.1, and has the following changelog.

Changelog for version 7.1

* Added possibility to hide DLC’s in game menu.
* Fixed black screen with some games when using the NoDRM engine.
* Improved DLC compatibility.
* Removed ‘Use VSH Menu’ from recovery menu.

Changelog for version 7

* Added NoDRM engine. This allows you to play DLC’s and more. Valkyria Chronicles 3 E2 English Patch is now also supported.
(thanks to hrimfaxi for the idea (this one is written by me)).

* Added ‘PLUGINS MANAGER’ to VSH Menu. Now you can manage your plugins directly from VSH.

* Added ‘Restore ‘QSP’ folder’ to recovery menu (Advanced ->).

* Added support for homebrews without DISC_ID in their PARAM.SFO. This fixes for example the RIN GB/GBC emulator.

* Added check whether you have installed 6.60 files yet. If not, the recovery menu will boot automatically.

* Fixed loading of static ELF. Another factor that makes the RIN GB/GBC emulator and more homebrews working.

* Fixed bug where kxploit’ed/1.50 homebrews were not hidden when ‘Hide exploit game’ was enabled.

* Increased ISO limit from 32 to 128 games.

* Improved system stability. The ‘QSP’ bug shouldn’t appear anymore.

* Removed ‘Allow anti-CFW games’ from recovery menu, because it is only used for ‘DJ MAX Portable 3′. However, this game works now flawlessly without this option.

* The updater does not reset TN-V configurations anymore.

The TN-V7 now supports every PS Vita Exploit Game! Yes you heard me. Right from version 3.01 down to 1.61 and below.

Download the eCFW v7 Files here.

Download the eCFW v7.1 (LATEST) here

Source : HackInformer

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  1. KenthLovesMusic says:

    I hope there is another exploit coming soon. My vita is on firmware 3.01, but i did not get the game for 3.01 before it got pulled off PSN :(