Total_Noob ports the PSP XMB to the PS Vita!


Ok, so here’s something I thought you might all find a little bit interesting…


Total_Noob, famous developer of the CEF (Custom firmware within the PSP emulator of the Vita) is back with a project to bring the convenient PSP XMB to the PSP emulator on the Vita.

The first screenshot (see below) is pretty impressive, and I know it’s a feature many of us have been dreaming of. But this is still a work in progress and there are lots of obstacles to bring the XMB back to the Vita.

The idea is basically to copy some modules from a PSP 6.60 firmware, probably reverse engineer them a little bit to fix/remove the parts that don’t make sense as well as get them to communicate correctly with the PSP emulator on the Vita. Of course, distribution of such files (once the project is ready) might become problematic, as they will surely contain some code and graphics from Sony, but that’s something that will need to be addressed when the project is complete.


(From Wololo’s blog)


Work on the project will be a little slow due to his personal commitments but he said he will keep working on this neat little project!

Cheers for reading,,


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  1. Pirocudo says:


  2. cloudo says:

    awsum im thrill to see the beautiful visuals of music player on the vita oled screen

  3. Rey says:

    FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!! Take my Virginity Total_Noob!!!

  4. skylinekid17 says:

    Flash0 files FTW!  =)

  5. Anthony Vargas says:

    The only problem I have is that what if the icons look a bit distorted or doesn’t ‘fit’ with the screen not taking full advantage of the OLED display but TN go for it