Total_Noob announces TN-V for Vita: With XMB & PSN access!


Hello PSP Slim Hacks Users,

Total_Noob just annouced his new project that looks awesome and a big upgrade by the looks of it from his TN-C which did not have the XMB look. The best part is the PSN access, but its only for the PSP games and Mini’s, so no access for the Vita PSN. Either way Total_Noob always has something up his sleeves for eventually. TN has not given a specific date as to when it will be released as its just a working progress with a lot of bugs and will be released when it’s ready. As far as we know it is only for the Uno Exploit for 2.02 Vita Firmware and know clue if it will get ported to the other exploits. Good work Total_Noob, looking forward to updates on this project.

Anyway Tell us what you think about this?

Here is the original post on Wololo’s page.

Total_Noob has officially announced his new project: 6.60 TN-V for the PlayStation Vita.

6.60 TN-V is a Custom Emulator Firmware (CEF) for the PSVita 2.02 UNO exploit. Total_Noob’s TN-V will be different from his last release (TN-C) as it will include a fully functioning XMB something we saw only briefly in pictures awhile back, however now Total_Noob has a video to show it in action. TN-V will support PSN access, so you’ll be able to connect to the PlayStation Network todownload PSP games and access content, something that has been not possible after the mandatory 2.05 update and blocking of theCharles & Fiddler proxies. You’ll only be able to connect to the PSP’s store since TN-V uses part of the PSP 6.60 firmware (to connect), and we are limited to the PSPemu on the Vita.

There isn’t a concrete, established release date yet. TN-V is still a work in progress. Right now the UNO 2.02 exploit is the only targeted exploit, no word if the other exploits will be supported yet. Total_Noob says that there are quite some bugs that ll need to be worked on, however you can see a video of

Total_Noob’s TN-V for Uno Exploit 2.02

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  1. Gikero says:

    I resisted updating to 2.05 because I didn’t want to $5 I paid for the Uno to go wasted. Glad to hear this!

    I’m curious to see if he’ll release this as open source as well.

    I’m glad I got a Vita for Xmas! ^__^

  2. Total_Noob says:

    Hen Download here! Leaked

  3. Zaxz18 says:


  4. Total_Noob says:

    Homebrew on PS Vita showcase

  5. karim_obari says:

    I just hope that you can play hacked psp games on it ….. If so I am so excited for it !!!