Tool HB 1.1 Eboot editor.

Tool HB 1.1 Eboot editor

Tool HB 1.1 Eboot editor

Homebrew dev Albandu51 has released Tool HB 1.1. What this little homebrew application does is allow users to easily edit eboot files. Change icons, rename the eboot and extract icons from a eboot.


Download: Tool HB 1.1
(Tool HB 1.1 - 399.2 KiB - 10,314 Hits)

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  • dan

    Just what ive been looking for =) thanks.

  • Tg

    Does this work with psp 3000 firmware?

  • Aldrasio

    Tg: No, it won’t work on PSP-3000 firmware. Nothing homebrew will.

  • Tg


  • me

    homebrew themes will work

  • Samii

    doesn’t work on my phat 5.00

    do you have to put this on GAME or in another folder?

  • Yoy Lionz

    yo. Is this for pc of for PSP?

  • Rick Collins

    looks like a PC file the edits an eboot for PSP

  • Fullbring64

    Wrong its psp file that edits eboots for pc creation