Tomtomdu80’s VHBL port to be released soon


Alright yall, things just keep getting better in… how long? a couple of days? yes. Ok today I will tell you all that the Tomtomdu80 VHBL port will be released soon said Wololo. He had a talk with Tomtomdu80 and wololo confirms that Its true.

This port will work on the newest firmware (2.06) It would be very nice to have theis port on 2.06 because i know about allot of youthat have the game and the exploit and is still waiting for either a new exploit or..well this port lol.

So anways this port will be available soon and there is no specific releas date for this but we will def let you all know.

Stay tuned


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  1. zack says:

    Hey Dude you should release it by april or earlier please!!!!!!

  2. gfjgfj says:


  3. im really confused.i want to try this and im waiting for the release.i have a new vita and it has 2.06 fw..what game shud i purchase?anyone please gve me advice on what i need to do.thanks

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there any CFW that can actually play PSVita’s games instead of psp’s games currently? I have been searching everywhere but to no avail…

  5. charile B says:

    waste of time…..make cfw or stfu

  6. andywu says:

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