Tomtomdu80’s port information public announcement


Alright guys Ill make this quick. The new exploited PSP game Is a user mode exploit and the port of VHBL from Tomtomdu80 Will work with it. And by the way the game does not let you download and play pirated PSP games nor PS Vita games the port only plays most homebrew such as older game system emulators such as nintendo gameboy, snes, sega, ect… but thats only for NOW that doesnt mean that it will not be improved later. We will just have to wait.

So we just wanted to clear those things up and It will be released in a few more days.
The exploited PSP game Is:

Apache Overkill (PSP Mini)


Just keep In mind that this s game Is not In all Psn stores around the world, so If you have the game available in your country then get it! if its not in your country then its advised to make a psn account and buy currency for that country, like say… its in europe, then go ahead and make a euro psn account buy euro psn card from online, just google where to buy them then get the game.

The game has been checked on and is available in the UK psn store so hurry and get it!

Over at they have a list of working and not working homebrew and links to the specific homebrew they found that woked so head on over to on tye front page and found out which ones are runinng so you can make the decision to either update to 2.06 or not.

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  1. james343 says:

    Its great but it doesnt run most of the good homebrews…

    Homebrew compatibility list

    • hookaguy says:

      but eventually you will probably be able to run psp games and all the usual homebrew stuffs, right?

  2. iCambodian says:

    where can i download that exploit?

  3. Krazy J says:

    If you had to guess, what would you say the chances are of getting PSP games running on the new exploit? That’s really the number one feature I’d like to see.