tn-v ports


Hello all!

Seems like this Is a new update to tn v and you guys will like it.

I know tn v just came out but apparently there is already a new update thats packed with ports to all the exploits such as Monster Hunter, Urbanix, and a new and improved exploits for UNO, we all know about the bugs it was having and experienced so its improved and if you still find some more bugs with any of the exploits feel free to drop a line to /talk on the forum.

And guys in order to use homebrew on tn v you must rename it to FEBOOT.PBP if you dont then it will show up as corrupted. And to rename it properly you can use pspfiler.



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  1. Nak123 says:

    Does Tn-V work on 2.06?

  2. MGO_Vet says:

    No, 2.05 and up do not work. Unless a new exploit comes out.

  3. im really confused.i want to try this and im waiting for the release.i have a new vita and it has 2.06 fw..what game shud i purchase?anyone please gve me advice on what i need to do while waiting for the release of the port