The 3rd Birthday (Parasite Eve game) Screenshots out


While the E3 2010 PSP game line up was a little disappointing, there is one game that does stand out from the crowd*. The 3rd Birthday, which is a new Parasite Eve spin off game for the PSP. Some new screenshots are out by the way of If you missed the E3 2010 trailer its above. Some of you might remember the first game on PSX.

*There is another decent title coming to the PSP this year too, a North America version of Gladiator Begins.


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  • XxEVILxXSnakexX

    OMG WHEN IS THIS COMMING OUT!!!!!!!!!!/??????????

  • ieru

    This looks nothing like the first game =/

    Oh well it still looks like it’s gonna be a fun game. Just hope this series doesn’t go the way of resident evil. Looks like it is though…

  • BlueBomberX


  • Rajjah

    WOW!!!! I miss Aya Brea so much! I’ve playing PE1 and PE2 again and again on my ps1, (at least it still works) I’m so much excited on what she can do next in the 3rd brithday! PLus she gain more, cuteness… I think she looks more mature on the previous games… Or is she Eve??? The little girl on PE2… I think if we follow our time, she got older, more appropriate for 3rd Birthday…

    Just my nonsense idea…

    • SamuraiMujuru

      Actually, if you pay attention in PE2, I believe it’s mentioned that due to the weird state of her Mitochondria she actually is aging backwards to an extent. (If it’s not mentioned in the game, it’s at least mentioned in the Strategy Guide) So the younger-ish Aya in this trailer makes perfect sense in that context.

      However, judging by the whole teleporting thing she’s doing, I’m guessing she’s getting much, much better control of her Mitochondria, so much to the point where she’s kinda becoming like Eve. Doesn’t really have a body of her own any more, but can manifest from anyone’s mitochondria.

  • yukinaze


  • ♣zx♣

    yeah, but much more like she’s from final fantasy 13. (i think)