TGS : Video of the new Uncharted Demo (UPDATED)


We saw few different videos of the Ucharted demo from both E3 and GamesCom but this one is quite different. The reason for this is it represents a whole new Uncharted : Golden Abyss demo made especially for TGS. The new demo completely changes the atmosphere and instead running outdoors this time Drake is trapped in a burning dungeon. In the video we see Marisa for few seconds as well. She is trying to help the protagonist to escape by showing him some machete that becomes Drake’s main weapon. The use of the machete requires from players to use actively the touchscreen which makes the roaming around much more interesting task. The game also shows some adventure elements like the hand icon that lets us view some vital information for Drake’s survival. As you will see some parts are cut out from the video because of the lack of orientation of the player but we must not complain as it’s the first video showing the demo. You will also notice that the demo isn’t over at the point the video ends but I hope to see some better quality video soon. For now enjoy to the Vita’s beautiful graphics :



Edit : Gamespot released a video of the demo too. It starts after the first video as far as I understand and shows Marisa and Drake working their way out together. It shows some combat as well. It’s commented in English and the quality of the video is a lot better.


Source : [Youtube]

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