TGS : Sony Shows Vita’s AR


At TGS Sony showed two types of Augmented Reality ( AR ). The one is called Wide – Area AR (WAAR) and the other is called Markerless AR.

WAAR uses not one but 4-5 AR markers simultaneously which can overcome the problems with character disappearance when the AR marker go out of screen. Other cool thing that you can do with WAAR is to place several objects at the same time which will enable you to build a whole battle arena on your table or even build a 3D track on the floor of  your living room as showed in the video below. The video also includes an alien autopsy straight on the kitchen table.

The Markerless AR as the name suggests doesn’t use AR markers at all. Instead using markers you just use the touchscreen to show the Vita where you want it to place the character and the Vita does it in no time. Markerless AR was demonstrated with a dinosaur  walking on a table and at the streets. Other 3D object used to show the technology was an Ape that appears from the floor, walks around the room and finally falls into a hole.

These are both used in Reality Fighters game so they will be available for the launch of the Vita. The markers showed on the videos will be part of the Vita’s pack so no extra money will be required to enjoy this peace of cutting edge technology.

Video from Sony’s TGS keynote showing the both technology :


Same video for WAAR but with better quality :


Source : [Youtube]

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  1. Jose Prado says:

    sounds interesting
    i wonder what other games will be using it

  2. Dimy93 says:

    As you see Wipeout uses it for somekind of awards in form of AR ships – other game use this idea too.
    I guess that Invizimals game will soon land on the Vita as well

  3. Anonymous says:

    So this could be the future of gaming I guess this could take a little getting used to