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All 4 Konami titles for the PSV got trailered today.  The reason of course is TGS that is taking place in Tokyo at the moment. Below you will find trailers for Little King’s Story, AR Combat Digi Q, Mahjong Fight Club and Asphalt Injection. It is no surprise that they all are in Japanese.  The Little King’s Story trailer shows Vita’s touch controls as well as the HD graphics. AR Combat Digi Q is other interesting title Konami showed in the form of pictures before. The game is inspired from Combat Digi Q radio controlled tanks but instead controlling real tanks the game uses Vita’s unique AR ( Augmented Reality ) to draw them wherever you want. Its trailer shows some gameplay as well as 3 different tanks. The last trailer provided is for Asphalt Injection. It shows some new cars and tracks over the demo we saw at GamesCom. See them below :

Little King’s Story :


AR Combat Digi Q  :


Asphalt Injection :


 Mahjong Fight Club :


Source : [Andriasang]


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