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All 4 titles for the PSV got trailered today.  The reason of course is that is taking place in Tokyo at the moment. Below you will find for Little King’s Story, , Mahjong Fight Club and . It is no surprise that they all are in Japanese.  The Little King’s Story trailer shows Vita’s touch controls as well as the HD graphics. AR Combat Digi Q is other interesting title Konami showed in the form of pictures before. The game is inspired from Combat Digi Q radio controlled tanks but instead controlling real tanks the game uses Vita’s unique AR ( Augmented Reality ) to draw them wherever you want. Its trailer shows some gameplay as well as 3 different tanks. The last trailer provided is for . It shows some new cars and tracks over the demo we saw at GamesCom. See them below :

Little King’s Story :

AR Combat Digi Q  :

Asphalt Injection :

 Mahjong Fight Club :

Source : [Andriasang]


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