Test: Old PSP Battery life, in a PSP Slim.


Test: Old PSP Battery life, in a PSP Slim. Today I had a closer look at my PSP Slim with a PSP-1000’s battery and what the size difference is and most importantly battery life. 1200MAh of the new slims battery Vs the 1800MAh of the old design PSP-1000 “Fat” battery.

PSP Slim Battery and the Fat PSP-1000 BatteryPSP Slim Battery and the Fat PSP-1000 Battery 1PSP-1000 1800mAH Battery in the new PSP Slim

From the photos I’ve taken you can see that the PSP Slim battery is thinner than the old model PSP-1000 / PSP Fat battery (obvious!). And that the old PSP-1000 battery sticks out by about 0.5cm.

Tests were with Brightness at max.

PSP Slim Battery 100 percent -  time 5.39 hrs

My PSP Slim reports 5 hours and 39 Minutes with the standard 1200mAH battery at 100% Charge.

Old PSP (PSP-1000) Battery in the PSP Slim

The old battery in the PSP Slim reports 7hours and 15 minutes. Again this is with the brightness at max.

The verdict: The battery weight is slightly more but its not that noticeable, that battery sticks out only a little and not as much as people original had thought. If used with the brightness at a the lowest setting expect more play time. If you have a Sony PSP 2200 mAH Stamina Battery (An official one, not a fake Ebay clone) expect more play time in the PSP Slim I would say 10 hours if not more at least. Better still if you own a MAX battery 2600mAH I would think you could get maybe 12 hours play time. For the extra bulk of 10 grams more, I’ll go with the longer play time and an old battery for my next long haul flight. I’ve also noticed that if your playing PS1 games you expect a little more battery life.

The only thing we lack now is the battery cover for the larger battery. *Hint* Sony where is it?

Battery life in the PSP Slim (PSP-2000)

Original PSP Slim 1200MAh battery: 5 hours 39 Minutes*
Original Old PSP (fat) 1800MAh battery: 7 hours 15 Minutes*
Original Sony Stamina Battery 2200MAh: 10 hours + (Estimate)
High capacity 2600MAh battery: 12 ++ (Estimate)

* Tested with the brightness at maximum. Playtime is slightly longer again if playing PS1 games I have noticed.

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  1. Tom says:

    I preordered the slim on amazon about a month before it came out. At the same time i was already buying a few used games as well as the fat battery.

    Then I started to worry because some people said you cant use the fat battery with the slim psp, which would be a waste of money for me.

    However I tried it out and it works just fine, not to mention long.

    Did you by any chance see the insert that came with Daxter? Says the battery is not compatible… Odd…

  2. PSP-Fan says:

    No I didn’t see that, how strange of Sony to say its not compatible….Why would they say that unless they don’t plan on making a larger battery cover….

  3. Tony says:

    I really want to do this for long flight too, but I think I can make it. I got an old battery and as you can see in the picture, it stays on the same horrizontal line as the UMD slot.

  4. Robbo says:

    I’m gonna get a psp slim but…

    How long will a 3600mAH battery last?
    They are sold in a mall near my home (in Singapore) for SGD$27.

    Very cheap, and it is the size of a standard psp 1000 battery.

    One more question…

    Does a psp use up power when put in sleep mode?
    Does it spoil or wear out if you haven’t off it for the past 1 and a half years,
    and put in in sleep mode instead?

  5. Guilherme says:

    I bought lots of batterys for my psp slim and none performs ok.
    i tryed a 2400mah and the veredict it was the same as 1200mah like the original psp slim battery.
    The batteries has written 2400 but its all fake, they have no more than 1200mah.
    One of my psp batterie show less paly time than the original one for the slim.
    Avoid all chinese manufacturers.
    At this moment im testing a dragon plus 2600mah, i will post the results soon (its charging)

    regards from Portugal

  6. Guilherme says:

    The battery its now fully charged…This battary its a dragonplus max power III with 2600mah and the results are ok…it gives me 8:00 hours at max brightness on my psp slim, I let the psp turned on for 5 minutes and the remeining time never droped a minute.
    Not bad for a 19 euro battery.

    I was expecting 10 hours, but its ok, seems the battery does not have the real 2600mah but its close, i should say maybe have about REAL 2200mah to 2300mah.

    But like i said before, this is the first charge…lets hope the battery performes better with some use (3 or 4 fully discharge and charge)

    I will do some more tests and i will put the results here.

    Please note: at the moment for selling you dont find any thinner battery with the same size as the original for the psp slim with more play time as the original one 1200mah, unless they are built with alien technology ;)

  7. Tenebrarium says:

    Really weird, I got the same battery and have never stated more than four hours in the battery info…