TempAR v1.63 Beta (2011/06/27)












TempAR v1.63 Beta (2011/06/27) is released. TempAR is an almost complete rewrite of the popular PSP cheat device NitePR/MKULTRA by PSP Developer raing3. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as improvements to the existing functionalities.

– Supports CWCheat and PSPAR code types, support for NitePR codes was removed though codes can be made compatible using the included converter.
– Re-written search functionality which much faster known and unknown memory search speed and less wear on the memory stick (in some cases search speed is more than 100x faster).
– Cheats load almost instantly, no need to wait for your cheats to load on boot. It only takes ~2 seconds to parse a 2MB file.
– Works with homebrew (uses same Game ID as CWCheat) and PSX games.
– Supports grouping of codes into 2 types of collapsible folders, single-select folders and multi-select folders. Comments can also be grouped into folders.
– UMD dumper to create ISO images from UMDs and PSStore EBOOTs.
– Text viewer to view guides during gameplay, place text files in ms0:/seplugins/TempAR/text/{gameid}.txt.
– No need to press the HOME button each time you start a game unlike other NitePR mods.

TempAR v1.63 Beta (2011/06/27) changelog:
[+] User can now change the maximum number of cheats/code lines which can be loaded.
[+] Added support for loading codes from PSPAR .bin files (checksum not validated).
[+] Added support for loading codes from NitePR .txt files (converted to PSPAR on load).
[+] Added 0xC1 code type (call function with arguments) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Added 0xC2 code type (run code from cheat list) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Added 0xC4 code type (safe data store) to PSPAR engine. Depending on usage this
code type could interfere with auto-off feature.
[+] Added 0xC5 code type (counter) to PSPAR extended engine.
[+] Can add search results in CWCheat format by pressing SQUARE on the search result
instead of CROSS.
[+] Added support for PSX GameShark codes.
[+] Added HB blacklist file to disable HB Game ID generation in certain games. This is
useful for shells such as Xplora, Prometheus ISO Launcher, etc.
[+] Added PSP Utilities application which contains various cheat helper functionality
(requires Java).
[+] Added option to swap functionality of CROSS and CIRCLE buttons in the TempAR menu.
[+] Added multi-lingual support for the interface.
[+] Added Japanese translation (thanks to HARO).
[+] Added support for folders in folders using 0xCF code type.
[-] Removed thread list and module list from lite version to reduce size.
[-] Removed copy to text file from Disassembler.
[-] Removed old PC tools since the functionality they offered is now integrated into TempAR.
[!] Fixes to the conditional code types and 0xD0 code type (thanks HARO)
[?] Temporary data buffers are only allocated when needed to reduce memory usage.
[?] Rewrote cheat.db file parser to make it ~1/3 faster.
Old Parser: 62 seconds (58.9MB)
New Parser: 42 seconds (58.9MB)
[?] Removed autooff version, auto-off functionality is merged with both tempar.prx and
tempar_lite.prx. To enable auto-off change “Enable Autooff” from False to True in
the [PRX] tab, Save Settings and reload the cheat file. (once you reload a game
auto-off functionality will be enabled by default).
[?] Pressing LTRIGGER in cheat menu now toggles cheat engine between active/deactive.
[?] Rewrote function used to get home screen frame buffer. Should now work with
homebrew which doesn’t use the Sony exit screen and no longer has to allocate
RAM for custom framebuffer in PSX games.




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  1. safone says:

    Cheats for new game include for this one?

  2. nice says:


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  4. ..............News says:

    When will the dev for cwcheat update his program????, i still much prefer it over this one….

    • TheRealBruteforced101 says:

      The only thing that needs updating is the database for CWCHEAT… :)
      CWCHEAT is perfect, it even detects your kernel version.
      TempAR just has a nice GUI.

      • Anon says:

        CWcheat offers zero support for PS1 games sadly enough though.

      • Katya says:

        O.o CW Cheat supports psx games, This i know, Cause I have used the CWCheats on many a psx game such as FF Chronicles, Breath of Fire III and a few others.

  5. ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ says:

    does it support as much/more codes than coderpr? if so ill try it.

  6. astroshadow666 says:

    now it just became uglier

  7. g says:

    how to use this?? and how to open it??

  8. pSfEvER says:

    ., how to use the dumper of the pss games ??

  9. kage033 says:

    guys can you kindly help me with my problem!

    i copied the tempar folder to seplugins folder after that i cannot copy any file to my memory stick anymore.
    as i look on the properties of the tempar folder the read-only box is enable, everytime i disable that that windows explorer hang/freezes. same goes when i delete that said folder

    what should i do!!!

  10. DTeKDeV says:

    Try restarting you PC

  11. ☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻ says:

    Wow probably the greatest cheat device that is out for psp anywhere on the internet.
    Finally, a cheat device for gpsp.

  12. Jay-Rulen says:

    How Do I Update The Cheats ? Its All .bin =( unlike all other cwcheat database this one is awesome the best so far but still if u cant update the cheat on your own then WHAT :P anyways THANK YOU SO MUCH

  13. Blessum says:

    what is better
    TempAR or CWCHEAT ?

  14. Ridwan says:

    My Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai ISO doesn’t work because of the seplugins file pls help!!!!!

  15. NEED HELP says:

    HELP PLEASE!!@?@!/@!/!?

    I made a seplugins folder in the root of my PSP 3002 Version 6.20 TN-E, i have game, pops and a Templar folder… why isnt the cheats loading!!

    PLEASE REPLY !! :(

    • NEED HELP says:

      dw it works now :), but how come my games dont load up with cheats ? ‘avatar: the legend of aang’

  16. NEED HELP says:

    how do i add cheats for games?

  17. Trung says:

    I have TempAR v1.63 Beta instal in my psp
    It’s ok
    but when i enable the cheats ít freeze, my psp shuts down

    what’ wrong with TempAR.
    how can i fix this problem


  18. gameboybin says:

    I have TempAR v1.63 Beta instal in my psp
    It’s ok
    but when i enable the cheats ít freeze, my psp shuts down

    what’ wrong with TempAR.
    how can i fix this problem


  19. gameboybin says:

    psp 3004 ver 6.20
    i’m using CFW PRO-B7 now

  20. Austin says:

    Please add cheats for Astonishia Story. Also, if you could make the app a little less glitchy-looking (When in the app, and home is pressed, the menu is messed up). I appreciate all the hard work!

  21. Austin says:

    I noticed there were two other games that TempAR didn’t have cheats for– Final Fantasy 4 and The Third Birthday.

  22. gameboybin says:

    Do you know how to make a cheat by tempAR by psp, (or PC).
    Or can you give me a website that shows how to make it, or video.

    Thanks for help

    • Austin says:

      I’ll look into it– I don’t know how to code my own cheats, though. And I have’t found any site with cheats for a USA release of Astonishia Story…

  23. ill Help! says:

    1.wen u do the cheat on u might sometime freeze cuz ur cheats might be wrong . try other cheats.

  24. Yagami666 says:

    I have tried both CWcheat and this in different versions and still cant make them work at all , I downloaded updated dbs and the apps read them but they dont load them on the game so I guess I cant use them till I change my CFW. Im currently have a PSP 1001 with 5.00 m33-4

  25. Gems form the internet…

    […]very few websites that happen to be detailed below, from our point of view are undoubtedly well worth checking out[…]……

  26. wen says:

    Can it work on PSP2006, CFW 6.60 ME-1.3?

  27. wahwah says:

    ok so what is point of adding psx functionality when theres really no db working for tempAR that actualy works

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  29. Anonymous says:

    not working.. give us the the other download link

  30. Ozzzzzzz says:

    psp crashes when usin this in ff9 (french psn version)

  31. Brylle_james27 says:

    help my psp freezes after a few seconds of entering the menu, when im going to load my cheat but it freezes at searches. T.T