TempAR 1.62-3 released!



PSP Dev raing3 has released a new Version of the Cheat Plugin “Tempar”.

TempAR is an almost complete rewrite of the popular PSP cheat device NitePR/MKULTRA. TempAR contains many additional functionalities as well as improvements to the existing functionalities.

  • Changelog:
    Changes in v1.62 (April 28, 2011)
    [+] keys to change the boot HOME + R
    [+] HOME you do not start
    [!] RADIO folder bug fixed
    [!] CWCheat bug fixed
    [!] Fixed some bugs
    [!] Fixed bug with Japanese
    [!] Fixed bug 6.20
    [!] More bug fixes

Supports CWCheat and PSPAR code types, support for NitePR codes was removed though codes can be made compatible using the included converter.
Re-written search functionality which much faster known and unknown memory search speed and less wear on the memory stick (in some cases search speed is more than 100x faster).
Cheats load almost instantly, no need to wait for your cheats to load on boot. It only takes ~2 seconds to parse a 2MB file.
Works with homebrew (uses same Game ID as CWCheat) and PSX games.
Supports grouping of codes into 2 types of collapsible folders, single-select folders and multi-select folders. Comments can also be grouped into folders.
UMD dumper to create ISO images from UMDs and PSStore EBOOTs.
Text viewer to view guides during gameplay, place text files in ms0:/seplugins/TempAR/text/{gameid}.txt.
No need to press the HOME button each time you start a game unlike other NitePR mods.

Installation Instructions:
Copy the seplugins folder to your Memory Stick (if not copying over game.txt and pops.txt be sure to manually add those lines to the files on the MS).

In-Game Controls:
Show cheat menu: Press RTRIGGER+HOME (PS Button).
Enable Cheat Engine: Press Note.
Screenshot: Press SELECT+VOLDOWN.


Via -> wololo.net/talk

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  1. brent says:

    whoa nice update ,, hope it comes with the cheats ,,, anyone there have the code for more blood in MHP 3 ?

  2. HaloFreak says:

    Wow, incredible. I hope it works with Dissidia Duodecim.

  3. rhen says:

    great XD

  4. Tea mug says:

    Hey nice update.. but what’s a cheat device without codes..
    What is the biggest cheat-database for this device, i need to know. Thanks

  5. mark victoria says:

    is this available or usable for 6.XX??

  6. jOnAtZpSp says:

    pls add more codes for different games ,., pls ,., like patapon 3 ,., 3rd bday ,., pls

  7. waqar says:

    how to use for wwe svr 2011
    and for many other games

  8. hirro.... says:

    please add PSX game cwcheat in here….like FFVII..(S SCUS_94163)..because i try it many times adding codes and it doesn’t work… pls?….pops have no codes for FFVii..thanks..

  9. Ikhsan says:

    is it work on psp go with 6.39 PRO-B6?

  10. SnifflingDarK says:

    Ok its got three cheat db do I use them with the TempAR?

  11. seo says:

    Where we can fiind the latest updates off the database ?!

  12. FiNaL says:

    hi gays.

    plz help me i have psp go cfw 6.39 pro-7. and i need any cheat program working with it :(

    every day i search for it. but the same problem. i used cwcheat but it just work with psx games :(

    plz plz plz help me i stay on my pc 6 hr every day to find the cheat for psp go 6.39 pro-7 or any cfw for go

    if i use games with cwcheat the ID game that show in cfwcheat is hbc03c051c??? it shown in all games but in psx games every thing fine name and ID game both is fine ….

    sorry i’m bad in ENG

  13. FiNaL says:

    TempAR 1.62-3 released!

    MOG MOG MOG MOG MOG MOG MOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TempAR 1.62-3 Working woooooooooooow Finly I will cry 111

    thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx thx

  14. Bryan says:

    Thx man!works!

  15. BRYAN says:

    1.62-3 ??!!! Not 1.62?

  16. Buckybob says:

    Download link is linked to Megaupload which has been shut down. Please re-upload somewhere we can get it