Team ProjectXX Exploit Released. Supports all PSPs up to 6.20 OFW!



Update: Splinter Cell Essentials (EU Version) is the only version that works it seems, don’t worry I also wasted time and money downloading the US version ;( …Arghhh

Team ProjectXX Exploit has been forcefully released, I say forcefully as it seems someone blabbed the game name. Its all public now, so not under-wraps anymore. So if you don’t have the game UMD, get on PSN right away and download Splinter Cell Essentials (EU Version). I mean now! There is no time to waste as Sony will have this game either pulled or patched in a matter of hours. When Sony release firmware 6.30 don’t update as we still have the Patapon 2 HBL loader remember.

Team ProjectXX Splinter Cell Essentials save game exploit.

The exploit release comes from FrEdDy and Dark_Kendox with special thanks to Wololo, KiNgOfUnIvErS, psphakerwarrior and Phantom91 for there help and efforts. Good work guys, shame it has to be “Almost” completely ruined by someone with a big mouth…

How to work this exploit:

Copy the folder ULES002810int over to your MS or mass memory (PSP Go’s) PSP/SAVEDATA folder and copy the h.bin to the root of your memory stick/mass memory. Then like the Patapon 2 save game exploit, run Splinter Cell Essentials and then load the hacked save game. You should be greeted with a nice “hello world” as in the video above.

Tip: Your PSP must be set to English! Oh and yeah Dark-SMN and team light are lamers!

Download: Team ProjectXX exploit for Splinter Cell Essentials
(Team ProjectXX exploit for Splinter Cell Essentials - 606.2 KiB - 6,819 Hits)

Source: PSP ITA Forums

Info on the exploit leak over at

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  1. PSPFan says:

    Splinter Cell Essentials is downloading really slow at the moment. At least it is for me. 58mb of 1227Mb..Maybe its slow as half the PSP world is downloading this title……

    • wdfowty says:

      So is it a userland or kernel level exploit?

    • armadia16 says:

      when will the psp ta-088v3 be hacked?
      i accidentally updated it to ver 6.20 and now im longing for some homebrew apps.
      in the meantime, i play ds and my ofw psp is getting dusty and cranky atm…
      been waiting for months yo…

      • wdfowty says:

        this exploit will work, though nothing of use has come out of this exploit yet. your best bet is to use the patapon 2 demo exploit with the half-byte loader.

  2. usernamegeneric says:

    this is, i assume, very early on and there are no useful apps/emus running on this?
    no loaders or cfw.. for now?

    • PSPFan says:

      Not yet, they will come in time.

      • usernamegeneric says:

        i figured. i was just trying to get that out of the way early in the comments.
        you know they will still be asking though.

        one last question, i promise. lol

        is this user or kernal?

      • PSPFan says:

        User or kernel? I don’t know yet. Trying to find this info out. If someone knows 100% if it is user or kernel mode exploit let us know.

  3. usernamegeneric says:

    oh.. and if i already have s.c.:essentials… im good?
    nothing special about the psn version?

  4. Pookson says:

    and wat if i dont have possibility to download from psn? got my acc banned, still too many paid and free games + in russian psn there is no SC

  5. usernamegeneric says:

    kernel, yes thats what i meant. lol
    ill check back later.

  6. ShyGuy says:

    Hmm might just be me, but I can’t seem to find the game anywhere.

  7. samirpc says:

    Well Done wololo for all your help to the exploits. And thanks to everyone else. Does this have something to do with the Light Alex Post claiming cfw for psp go? I guess thats why they created the psp go so game exploits can be removed from the psn store. Have no idea why sony hasent released 6.30 yet.

  8. zpsp18 says:

    Any possible way to get a demo of this? Or will we have to buy it somehow? I was just wondering because I don’t know if I really want to invest in this game unless it does something good for me like homebrew, cfw, emulators, etc. Just curious.

  9. Bounder says:

    Can this run usermode homebrew completely, or it is, as HBL was, in a worse state with less capabilities? I just read about a hello world

  10. djmrlong says:

    I’m just wondering here, what’s the difference between this & the other exploits ?

    • PSPFan says:

      Its more or less the same as the Patapon 2 demo exploit. Having both however will keep our options option. Progress with the HBL is coming along nicely too btw.

      • dark collector says:

        PSPFan, you wouldn’t be able to speculate on a rough time frame on HBL for 6.20 final would you? Just wondering.

  11. Volt7x says:

    Must stink to be the most hated guy in the hacking scene right now, lol.

  12. RockerZ6613 says:

    Stupid team members ruined it all!

  13. Loory says:

    So, I will have to pay for the game, right?

  14. psp100 says:


    • juggalo420 says:

      this isnt a homebrew loader, its an exploit to possibly load such, just as the patapon 2 demo does…it technically has nothing to do with hbl, but thanks for trying lol

      • psp100 says:

        xD what i meant was that y put this up it maybe be an exploit but y dont they put the hbl 7.0 release or that 6.20 ofw can run emulators

      • juggalo420 says:

        because nobody but a bunch of iso hungry n00bs gives a flying fvck about 6.20 firmware b/s

  15. psp100 says:

    and the emulaotrs u can play are nintendo 64 and nes and counter strike etc

  16. Yellowhound says:

    Well one of us here should download a 6.20 version of the game and then uplaod it to a file share service, but I’m pretty sure that’s against the policy of PSN right?

    • juggalo420 says:

      LOL fail

    • joshd666 says:

      You can’t do that.. If you could take an eboot and run it on any psp why would anyone want to hack it if you could run everything in the first place?


  17. hpvivek_goku says:

    can i load cfw with this… i wnat to play iso games

  18. imdabom3695 says:

    hey PSPFan if you succeed in downloading the demo….can you please then upload it on this page….cause I am at work and secretly commenting but of course I cant download a 1gb file here…..

  19. dark collector says:

    I just bought the US version off of the playstation network and the save file will not work for it. I think it is because the save game exploit is not for the US version. Please let me know if this is a correct assumption or if I am missing something. Thanks.

    • manobon says:

      Yeah, only works with the EU version- and the exploit works as well as the Patapon 2 Demo, so I think most US users are safe Not buying the terrible game.

      • dark collector says:

        So If I bought the game for the sole purpose to use the save exploit then I just wasted my money?

      • dark collector says:


      • dark collector says:

        Hate to complain but… don’t ya think that bit of info might have been worth posting a little bit ago? So jerk-offs like myself don’t flush their money down the crapper :( :( :(

  20. dark collector says:

    Any chance there is a US save game exploit of a easy way to convert this one to work with the US version? Please say “Yes dark collector there is a way” :)

    • unboundkhaos says:

      What I might recommend try (my knowledge is brought to you by my iPod touch, nimble fingers and google) save deemer, just google it and from what I read it converts any save… Down fall is your gonna have to borrow an already hacked (cfw) psp, best I can do hope it helps

      ps would post link but my psp has a cracked screen so if you can beg someone with cfw to upload a link :)

  21. cesaruchiha says:

    I’m new at this and I wanted to know if you could put the game on mediafire or 4shared link is grateful thanks for comprecion, and a salute to those who make it possible for us to enjoy ourselves healthy hello world, thanks wololo and I hope others always be loyal to his friends

    • unboundkhaos says:

      I’ll try tomorrow, I heard there was a psp emulator, I don’t know it’s capabilities but it might serve it’s purpose or I’ll just borrow a friends, I’ll check back with you in a day or two, I mean u got the game and I have a good idea on what I should do so give it sometime

  22. dangergadet says:

    DANM! i was too late Sony pulled the demo. The one day i decieded not to go onto ARGH!!

  23. fly1ng r4bbit says:

    so with this exploit can they make a cfw?

  24. PSPFan says:

    Splinter Cell Essentials (EU Version) is the only version that works it seems, don’t worry I also wasted time and money downloading the US version ;( …Arghhh

  25. […] and pspslimhacks var AdBrite_Title_Color = 'e58138'; var AdBrite_Text_Color = '64647e'; var […]

  26. adrian724 says:

    i hope this one will lead to cfw ? or is it? :(

  27. byeblee says:

    hmm guys. correct me if im wrong. but the game .. tom clancy’s splinter cell essentials… was already pulled out from the psn. i had been searching all over the shop but i cant find it. thankfully i downloaded the game already as i was running 5.03 gen-c on my psp 3000.

  28. PSPFan says:

    Ok finally got it working, I will upload a video of it soon. Only the EU version seemed to work for me which I download from PSN UK.

    • dark collector says:

      When there is progress with the hbl it should work with the Patapon 2 exploit correct? Not just the SCE exploit? Meaning, if a moron like myself was unable to obtain the EU verson of SCE but still has the patapon 2 demo he/ or she should still be good correct? (as far as you know PSPFan?).

  29. Logic Squirrel says:

    Save your money for now this seems pointless for what it is at this stage, but shows hope of development.

  30. bogrong123 says:

    what site can i download

    ( Splinter Cell Essentials ) ?????????????????????

  31. bogrong123 says:

    does someone have a copy? pls. share into my mail?

    • PSPFan says:

      Thats Illegal, besides copies don’t work. You’ll need to buy the game via PSN and download it. Or get the original UMD.

  32. zeusalmighty says:

    hi….i have a psp-2000 with 5.00 m33 firmware…using the pspident– it showed TA 088 v1/v2… while trying to update using the GEN Custom firmware i updated to OFW 5.50….i have the european version of the game….i followed the procedure mentioned….i can see the file in the SAVED DATA UTILITY of psp but in the game it says “no file to load”…..pls help…thx….

    • Mr Nerve says:

      You don’t need this exploit since your psp is completely hackable. Don’t waste your money buying the game.

      • zeusalmighty says:

        i noticed while trying to use the above hack that the game save folder name starts as ULES in the hack folder whereas in my psp for the splinter cell a normal game save folder starts with ULUS even though the game UMD is a European version…

        @Mr Nerve::: what method would u suggest for restoring it to a custom firmware…..thx…

      • Mr Nerve says:

        You need pandora battery and magic memory stick to restore your hackable psp to CFW. You can make a pandora battery from a fat psp or a slim psp with TA-088 V1 Mobo. Or you can buy one from For the Magic MS, google is your friend to show you how to do it.

      • Mr Nerve says:

        You need pandora battery and magic memory stick to restore your hackable psp to CFW. You can make a pandora battery from a fat psp or a slim psp with TA-085 V1 Mobo. Or you can buy one from For the Magic MS, google is your friend to show you how to do it.

  33. jeetest says:

    what’s the advantage between this exploit and Patapon 2 demo’s exploit?

  34. kewalshah27 says:

    where can i get splinter cell please send me the link…………….or paste the link…

  35. juggalotus1984 says:

    so if i ripped the image from an (EU) UMD soley for “backup” this wont work? and why the fuck is telstra taking so god damn long to connect me to the complaints line?!!? fuck

  36. MrBean says:

    Buy For Nothing

  37. imdabom3695 says:

    how do you know that you r downloading the eu version

    • juggalo420 says:

      if you live in europe nublet

    • FriiGamer says:

      Depends on which psn store you’re on, which depends on what region psn id you’re signed in with.
      You’ll have to sign in with an EU acc to get the EU version.

    • dark collector says:

      Sending you an email now…


    • microberry1 says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble but you cant put any iso version or any other version of splinter cell on an unhacked psp and make it run. You HAVE to buy it off the European PSN.

  38. Logic Squirrel says:

    There is no advantage in this right now.

  39. jhedgreat says:

    sir, my psp3001 fw 6.10 is a brand new….can u guide me step by step so that i can play any of ur game released…i got stock for a long time… a newbie in here…..can u guide me or teach me how it works…tnx

  40. gvm684 says:

    the links will only work if you can already play iso. sorry

  41. Doritoes says:

    I wish they were still manufacturing 20xx motherboards

  42. kewalshah27 says:

    some one plz give me the splinter cell game…….cane some one tell me which emulator works on hbl an which game works on gba and how to put gba games in it… well which mini game or demo works on hbl……plz if not than paste the link plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  43. hacktester says:

    @ kewalshah27 Here you go: But be sure that you downloaded the latest HBL revisions.The best revision is 79.You can download it here: .Just calm down.I also sugest you to go to ,you could ask there how many questions about HBL you want.

  44. hpvivek_goku says:

    is it true that 6.00m33…..coming?

  45. hacktester says:

    @ hpvivek_goku No….Lol,I can’t belive you didnt see the image with 6.00 m33 until now…

  46. DrYSt says:

    any link where to download this for free????

  47. ziggy262 says:

    sorry to ask but does this work with the UMD version even though its not EU ? I just wanna ask before buying it and is the a user or kernel exploit bcus im excited!

  48. alli says:

    I’ve tried to jailbeak my psp 1000-series with this software but my psp can”t find the software for the jailbeak.

    can anyone help me?