Team Pro sends a update on the PSP CFW!


Hello All PSP Slim Hacks Users,

Team Pro still shows some love for the PSP as they release and update for it. I am rather impressed they still work on the PSP now for updating the CFW. This is update Pro-C2 also this update helps fix a issue mostly with the NoDRM Engine. Either way good work as always Team Pro. Time to crack out the PSP again and download the update, link is at the bottom of the post.

Here’s the original post I saw and leave a comment below telling us if you noticed anything else that works for you now that didn’t before.

Team PRO recently published an updated version of their CFW for the PSP. The new version is named PRO – C2 and basically solves some problems with the NoDRM engine. The changes are fairly “old” (if you have the guts to grab the nightly builds or compile by yourself, you might have had these changes on your PSP since December), but the binaries were published only a few weeks ago.

The NoDRM engine is part of the PRO CFW and it lets you play with DLC that are free of DRM. Remember that the only “right” (note that this is not necessarily legal in your country, we said “right”, not “legal”) way to obtain such files is to buy the DLC in the first place, and then remove the DRMs with some tools designed for this. As always, CFW Pro available for thePSP 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / Go / Street and for versions6.20 / 6.35 / 6.39 / 6.60.Installation is the same as usual:

  • Unrar the packed file and extract it to ms0:/PSP/GAME
  • And you’re done!

Remember every time you want to execute the CFW simply run“FastRecovery” and you’ll immediately be able to run homebrews, play ISOs (Backups of your games) and finally use those DLCs! More details on how toinstall and run CFW Pro can be found here.

Download link for Pro-C2 Here

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  1. Ojha Čojek says:

    Only game with dlc was killzone and it worked perfect with last version of pro cfw, dont know any game with dlc :) Would love if nba 2k13 had rooster update though.

  2. JC200X says:

    I’ve played my DLCs just fine with the NPLoader plugin back in PRO-C1. Haven’t tried C2’s NoDRM engine yet.

  3. Ray says:

    Keep the PSP support coming! PSP is still an amazing console and I’m sure can do much more. The latest N64 emulator runs perfectly in a lot of games (with no sound, but still!) Get all the homebrew greatness on PSVita but seriously do not give us the option of downloading PSVita games we don’t own, that’s really messed up. Give us everything that has nothing to do with PSVita games. If you can, only let us make backups of our purchased PSVita games but if only that is not possible than don’t do anything on PSVita games. It’s really not right.

  4. I have psp 6.39 pro b7 and i want to update it can anyone help me?

    • Belol54 says:

       you have to download the update from this site then put in PSP/GAME and update your psp but be careful
      if shutdown the psp while it’s updating the psp will be damged

  5. Jordainemaddan says:


  6. Jordainemaddan says:

    you need to get 6.90 m33………that can any computer program on it 

  7. Fftwins Mohammad says:

    how to install pro-b updater

  8. i have a psp do i crack it??

  9. hanna says:

    the hack works fine. but everytime i go to the system settings to check the firmware, my psp hangs and will turn off. pls help. i know something is wrong.

  10. hanna says:

    all the submenus in settings HANGS everytime I click it, except for the system update and usb connection. the hack works fine. but then the settings always hangs! i even run the CIPL Flasher to see if it will change something….but it does not, help!

  11. imaginary says:

    omg i luv you guys, so glad there are ppl like you still staying dedicated to this, please keep up the good work and continue this, you have so much support <3

  12. game says:

    thanks, can you fix the FFFFFFFF error for legit psn games without needing to use popsloader?

  13. ardalan says:

    Guys I have a psp 1003 on 5.01 or 5.00 (I don’t remember) which firmware is suitable for me? :D

  14. altsi says:

    Can all CFW’s play older patched/unpatched games (jp and eng)? I’m just a bit worried that when I change, I might not be able to go back to my old games.

  15. Ah Fat says:

    Hi, thanks for the update. i’ve updated it into my psp already, but when i jam using cwcheat in the game, after i re-on the psp, the game was gone in the game list, and i’ve to use the fast recovery again so that the game will come out in the game list. can you help me please, many thanks.

  16. mipu says:

    Thanks so much
    Everything very good

  17. [email protected] says:

    psp juex

  18. XXXXXXsdddddffddXXXXXXXXX says:

    hey guys do u no hw to get cfw 6.60 b 10