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Uo Snes9x for PSP v0032 – Supports HBL Rev 85

Japanese coder Ruka has just released an update for uo_Snes9x, the Super Nintendo / Famicom emulaor for PSP. This is for you HBL users on PSP Go’s and PSP-3000′s (5.03+FW) as it now has added support for the HBL rev 0.85 recently released. Also sports [...]


Super Nintendo / SNES Emulator snes9xTYL MECM 091011-3

Its been a while, I believe over a year since we have had an update to Snes9xTYL, the Super Famicom (NTSC) / Super Nintendo (PAL) emulator for PSP. This emulator lets you play your classic SNES games, fully accelerated on your PSP via the PSP [...]