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PSP E1000 – Desperate Attempt To Get Your Money Or A Clever Plan?

PSP E1000 – Desperate Attempt To Get Your Money Or A Clever Plan?

The PSP has seen many a re-release and rehash during the span of its’ life, and it would seem that Sony isn’t about to let the console take its’ last breath just yet. At the end of 2011 Sony unleashed upon the PAL world, a [...]


PSCRYPTER. A homebrew app to sign homebrew eboots in OFW!

Wow, the PSP scene has just been mad lately..A good mad. The greatness continues it seems with yet another breakthrough. This time its a signed homebrew application, that can sign’s other homebrew eboots (unsigned ones) all while in Original Firmware (OFW). So you can try [...]


Signed 6.35 Pro (HEN) Released! Run 6.35 Pro HEN from the XMB!

We have been watching Liquidigong’s twitter with interest and today Liquidigong released a signed 6.35 PRO HEN. Just one day after reporting he had signed the 6.35 HEN he has posted it for download only an hour ago from posting this. This 6.35 PRO HEN [...]


Signed 5.03 Kernel Exploit HEN. Run 5.03 HEN right from XMB!

VirtuousFlame has also signed the 5.03 kernel exploit aka Davee’s chickhen R2. This is for those of you out there that are still using the 5.03 ChickHEN tiff exploit / 5.03 GEN CFW’s on 5.03 OFW this is for you. Just extract this over to [...]