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Pokemon Obsidian & Jade: We Need Your Help!!

Pokemon Obsidian & Jade: We Need Your Help!!

That’s right you read that correctly,   I am after your help in creating your wildest Pokemon adventure yet!!   I want your help the create maps for our game, and here are the maps we need!   Towns Routes Cities Beaches Forests To build [...]


PSP E1000 – Desperate Attempt To Get Your Money Or A Clever Plan?

PSP E1000 – Desperate Attempt To Get Your Money Or A Clever Plan?

The PSP has seen many a re-release and rehash during the span of its’ life, and it would seem that Sony isn’t about to let the console take its’ last breath just yet. At the end of 2011 Sony unleashed upon the PAL world, a [...]


Soul eater: training for a meister beta 8 (signed)

At the PSP Genesis Competition appears a PSP homebrew game called Soul Eater: Training for a meister. Created by the developer fullarms and largely inspired by the eponymous manga / anime. The homebrew is composed of three mini-games that each takes its cue from a [...]


PSPident 0.74.1 released!

  The Russian coder Yoti releases a new version of the familiar PSPIdent, a tool to identify your PSP’s motherboard and a screen that shows all the information it. Version 0.74.1 fixes a wrong english string (6.2x -> 6.3x). Changelog: 0.74 -> 0.74.1 - Fixed [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Beta 3 !!

DaedalusX64 Beta 3 is out, some massive changes here as the Nintendo 64 emulator jumps to Beta 3. Many top dev’s have been working hard on this latest release. So many improvements, just to many to list. Expect many games to run much smoother, better [...]


YAPM Plugins Manager (PSP Genesis Competition entry)

Some first entries in the PSP Genesis Competition are starting to roll in. (Remember dev’s this is the biggest homebrew comp ever, $4500 in price money!) Strangelove brings us a rather cool looking Plugin Manager. The perfect application to manage your plugins without the need [...]


Light VSH menu for 6.3X HEN V4

TOcean has released Light VSH Menu v4, this ones for all you lot on 6.31 HEN and 6.35 HEN. Its a VSH menu for you that has all the basic functions you need and more. Adjust CPU speed, RAM speed, take screen shots, USB charging [...]


PSP-3000 screen problems here to stay

Sony has responded to the issue concerning scanlines on the new PSP’s (see below). SCEA: On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD [...]


PSP-3000 screen issues

One of the prominent features of the PSP-3000 is the updated screen giving more colours and less ghosting. Here’s one problem new PSP owners didn’t count on, scan-lines. This actually makes things look worse than the PSP-2000. According to a thread at the PlayStation Forums, [...]