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PSX on the PSVita with eCFW

PSX on the PSVita with eCFW

The PS Vita has been out for about around a year, from the very beginning, Sony had promised the ability to play PS1 games on it, but the failed to deliver until a few months later, even then the result was poor, luckily that is [...]


Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A for Urbanix Exploit

Custom Emulator Firmware 6.60 TN-A for Urbanix Exploit

Here is another tutorial from Total_Noob, I have been once again unable to test this but I assume he knows his stuff here -About ECF This “CEF” does NOT have anything to configure yet. All configurations of the previous Custom Firmwares are not available, as [...]


6.20 TN-D HEN Released! PSX, Action reply support + bugfixes *Updated*

Updated: 6.20 TN-D  TiltFx Bugfix released by Total_Noob. This should fix any issues experienced when using Datel’s tiltFx motion senor. Thanks flofrucht for the info! As promised, PSPGen have released Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN-D (HEN) his latest 6.20 TN HEN release. This release comes with a [...]


Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B Added PSX support for All models

Coldbird and Virtuous Flame have released Custom Firmware 6.35 PRO-B. This release supports PSX games, even non PSN download ones apparently. So give it go and let us know if all your PSX games work? It also now supports the PSP GO M2 Memory Stick [...]


6.20 TN-D (HEN) Pops support demo

Total_Noob has posted a new demo on his youtube account. This time around its a demo of his up and coming 6.20 TN-D HEN with pops support. This video demo’s a PSX game working on 6.20 TN-D. Something you have all been waiting for, I [...]


6.20 TN-A (HEN) Almost here! Possible 6.20 TN-A ISO Loaders?

A few days ago Total_Noob commented to Wololo that his 6.20 TN-A (HEN) is almost done. He also posted on that 6.20 TN-A now has 98% homebrew compatibility, sports a VSH menu (like M33 and GEN Custom Firmware). Best of all it has a [...]