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PSPStates Experiment Patch for PSP-3000

PSPStates Experiment Patch for PSP-3000

Total_noob has released a patch for Dark_AleX’s PSPStates experiment v2. This save state plug-in now works with Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-A and Custom Firmware Enabler 3.10 and higher. With this plug-in you can save the exact state of your game wherever, whenever. Source: Total_Noob’s Dev [...]


PSPStates Beta 2 for 5.00 M33

Dark_AleX has been busy today, with 5.00 M33 released he now brings us an updated PSPStates plug-in which now supports 5.00 M33. As the name suggests PSP states is a PSP save state plug-in that brings save state support to your PSP Slim 5.00 M33. [...]


PSPStates V2 released for 4.01 M33

DAX has released version 2 of his PSPStates plug in for 4.01 M33 firmware. PSPStates is a savestates plug-in for the PSP Slim that allows users to save and load save states as they please. This version has a lot of bug fixes and now [...]


PSPStates, Savestate Plug-in released

DarK_Alex has released his savestate plug-in called PSPStates for PSP Slim units. This custom firmware plugin allows users to save and load savestates on PSP games. Its only meant for the PSP Slim as more RAM than the older fat model. Some notes from DAX: [...]