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E3 2011: Sony NGP now called PSVITA, coming Fall 2011!


PSP2 (NGP) Announced! Dual Analog Sticks with Touch-Sensitive OLED

Update #3 OK some more on the system specs, that screen res is very nice! 960 x 544 Full PSP2 system specs: CPU: ARM® Cortex™-A9 core (4 core) GPU: SGX543MP4+ External Dimensions: Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes [...]


Sony to announce PSP2 in Japan come January 27th

VG247 and various other websites are all claiming that Sony will announce the PSP2 this month in Japan. January 27th is the date set. This move makes sense as Nintendo is set to release their Nintendo 3DS this year so Sony really need something up [...]


PSP2 concept TV advert. Reversible controls, OLED buttons.

While we all wait for 6.20 TN-A (HEN) release …(Btw it could be 6-12 hours away!) Check out this awesome fan made PSP2 concept video from DrRos and video editing by Zero-One. There are some very good ideas here. Switchable and reversible controls for left [...]


First PSP2 Dev Kit photos leaked!

According to vg247, these two spy photos are of a first model PSP2 developer kit. The photo shows two thumb sticks (Finally!) and the rear touch pad. As well as two camera´s, one forward facing and another rear facing camera. The newest PSP2 dev kit, [...]


PSP2 Release Fall 2011, has dual analog sticks and HD Screen

More PSP2 rumors, this time coming from the Tokyo Game show just passed. Where apparently Sony held a private meeting with some key game developers, showing them the new “Proposed” PSP2 hardware. What Kotaku sources tell them is that the PSP2 has dual analog sticks [...]


Sony has sent out PSP2 dev kits for big 2011 launch

You can’t deny it, too many rumors on the PSP2. There has too be some truth to it all. And the current system is near the end of its life cycle. Still Sony claim it should be good for 10 years. Which means 4 to [...]


Rumor: PSP2 GPU to be a quad core beast?

Another rumor has surfaced again in regards to the PSP’s successor the PSP2. has reported from undisclosed insider sources that the PSP2, Sony is apparently working on will feature the newest PowerVR tech GPU. Some type of powered Quad core GPU. Which by the [...]


More PSP2 / PSP-4000 Rumors – Dual analogue sticks

Here’s some fresh new PSP2 / PSP-4000 rumors via Pocket Gamer. They also seem to have an insider source working on the new PSP hardware that claims the PSP2 or PSP-4000 (whatever Sony want to call it) will have a sliding touchscreen and dual analogue [...]


Not a PSP2 or PSP-4000 but PSP 3G?

There have been further PSP2 / PSP-4000 rumors out there on the web lately, which now seem to point towards a 3G enabled PSP, surprisingly called a PSP 3G. Again this is a apparent insider source and not very creditable. However they claim: The new [...]


Sony replies to PSP successor rumours

News going around that Sony is already working on a PSP-4000 and PSP2 have been quickly denied by John Koller of SCE. He explained that it was a misinterpretation, and says that Sony is urging developers to move away from the UMD platform and onto [...]


PSP-4000 in 2009 and PSP2 later?

Not much in the way of PSP news. But here’s something for the old rumor mill thanks to Eurogamer. Sony plans to refresh the PlayStation Portable product line with a PSP-4000 model in late 2009 and launch a true successor – a PSP2, if you [...]


PSP 2? Maybe not.

David Reeves of SCEE says that there are no plans for a “PSP 2″ anytime soon, or maybe at all. Here’s what he had to say: “No, there are currently no plans for a PSP2. I go to Tokyo quite a lot and no one [...]