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Custom Firmware 6.35 V21 from Neur0n

Alooooot of Custom Firmware releases as of late. Remember we had that dry patch without CFW releases for a long time till GEN CFW’s were released. Well its raining CFW these days. Keeping up with the weekly updates Neur0n has released Custom Firmware 6.35. If [...]


6.20 TN-E Coming soon, will add new features

Update: 6.20 TN-E Released! Total_Noob isn’t done yet it seems. Just as well, in a recent interview with Wololo. Total_Noob talks a bit about when he came into the PSP scene and his work on his TN HEN. In one part of the interview he [...]


PSP Custom Firmware 6.20 PRO-B4 & 6.35 PRO-B4. Perm CFW!

It’s what many of you have been waiting for, thanks to coldbrid & Virtuous Flame aka Liquidzigong who have just released PSP Custom Firmware 6.20/6.35 PRO-B4. With 6.20 PRO-B4 you can permanently patch 6.20 PRO-B4 into your PSP flash memory! Many changes in this custom [...]


PSP Genesis Comp: Aereo By TeamMex

Something different for PSP Genesis Competition mix that’s not a plug-in is Aereo. Its a classic style side scrolling shoot-em-up game from TeamMex. Its like an old school R-Type clone, with power ups and so forth. This is only an Alpha stage release so, its [...]


PRXShot v0.2.4. Take screenshots on 6.xx HEN/CFW *Updated*

More updates over the weekend for PRXShot. Its had two more updates, the changelog is below. PRXShot v0.2.4 changelog 3rd April: v0.2.4: # [!]Fixed the bug introduced in 0.2.3 that didn’t detect the settings in the .ini file. # [!]Fixed bug with homebrew not properly [...]


PSP Genesis Comp: Seplugins Manager v1.2b1

This is one application your PSP shouldn’t be without, unless you don’t use plug-ins. But we all do Another entry in the PSP Genesis Competition 5h4d0w’s Seplugins Manager lets you enable, disable or edit plug-ins with ease. All on the go, no more having to [...]


Ultimate Recovery Menu v6 for 6.20 TN-D Permanent

Ok this relates to this here: 6.20 TN-D Permanent patch Its for those of you that are running permanent TN-D. Grab this and you’ll be sporting Ultimate recovery menu v6 on your Perma TN-D hacked PSP. This comes via TOcean who has updated Ceikor’s Ultimate [...]


JoySens 1.50 + source updated for 6.xx Custom Firmwares

Neur0n has updated another popular plug-in JoySens. He’s edited it to work with 6.xx firmwares, so thats your 6.20 HEN, 6.35 and 6.37 CFW’s. JoySens is a prx plug-in that enables you to tweak all aspects of your PSP joystick / joypad. Remap your PSP [...]


NewSlide. Change the PSP Go slide function

Updated: version two released which now check the memory card status. An entry in the PSP Genesis Comp, Afrothunder brings us a new plug-in that lets users replace the default PSP Go slide function with something else. So when you close the PSP Go slide, [...]


aLoader 1.25 for 6.20 TN HEN released

More aLoader updates from ardi as he rolls out version 1.25 which now changes the ISO’s to be displayed under the memory stick in the XMB. Also a new autosort mode has been added. This is pretty much the application to have if your into [...]


6.20 TN-D Permanent patch

I’m a little hesitant on posting this one…Still its up to you guys to take the risk or not. That is if your PSP boots into 6.20 TN-D saving you 20 seconds or becomes a plastic brick and door stop. Virtuous Flame has released a [...]


Nintendo 64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 SVN R677 Signed for all FW

User flofrucht of the qj forums has signed the latest Nintendo 64 Revision 677. This is newer than that last official beta 3 update and since its signed too, will work on any PSP and Firmware. DaedalusX64 SVN R677 changelog: [=>] Merged from Dev branch: [...]


Custom Firmware 6.37 ME-5 Released! Converted PSX support

Updated again: Custom Firmware 6.37 ME-5 has been released which adds/fixes multi PSX disk support. Neuron has released Custom Firmware 6.37 ME-4, which adds PSX support. Converted PSX games will now work. v4 – Converted PS1 support. – Supports the categorization in the iso folder [...]


6.35 Custom Firmware V16. Converted PSX game support

March 5th: Another update from Neur0n, 6.35 Custom Firmware v16 released. Fixes multi-disk PSX support. Updated 3th March. 6.35  Custom Firmware v15 released. Adds converted PSX support, so all PSX titles should be working now. v15 – Converted PS1 support. – Supports the categorization in [...]