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Unofficial DSonPSP .01 released – Nintendo DS Emulator for PSP

httpvhd:// Since Yoshihiro is having a break from the PSP scene. Jonlimle has picked up the DSonPSP project and decided to continue Yoshihiro’s work with his own unofficial build of the Nintendo DS emulator. So far there is only a front in change, but jonlimle [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 492

Another weekly update from Froggyman as the Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP gets another round of updates. Revision 492 includes more tweaks and fixes. If you haven’t checked out DaedalusX64 for a while its worth another look. Changelog is below. DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 492 changelog: [...]


ScummVM v1.1.1 Classic Point and Click adventures on PSP

The ScummVM team have just released an update to their classic point and click adventure emulator. This latest version dubbed “Better Version” has increased support for games, as well as some bug fixes. If your an “old” gamer like myself (Still in my 20s) you [...]


GBA Emulator: gpSP-J 100429 (April 29th 2010 build)

Its been a while since we have seen up update to Takka’s unofficial gpSP GBA emulator. The last release was out 11th Feb, today’s release is much like the last one with no official changelog as such. If its anything to go by the last [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 489

Froggyman, still at it has posted another new build for us all. Revision 489 includes more tweaks, fixes and we’re all for it. Keep it up! The changelog below lists all of the bug fixes and tweaks. DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 489 changelog: Rev 489: – [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 486

Froggyman’s latest and greatest DaedalusX64 build has just recently been posted up over on the DaedalusX64 project forums. This new Nintendo 64 emulator build for PSP features improved support and speed ups for Mario Party and Buck Bumble. Also added compatibility info for all games [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 481

Another update for DaedalusX64 the Nintendo 64 emulator project for PSP. This latest Alpha revision has a few more fixes and tweaks. As well as a code clean up. Each release we see the emulator slightly faster, more games running and quicker. If you haven’t [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 477

Froggyman, beta tester from the DaedalusX64 team. Has recently posted another unofficial alpha build of DaedalusX64 Nintendo 64 emulator. This build has the usual improvements and tweaks. Notable tweak,is the sky is now rendered in GoldenEye (One of my favourite N64 games btw) Keep up [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 475

N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 475

Another update from the the DaedalusX64 team, this time its some unofficial alpha’s straight from the testing team. So they are cutting edge releases with the latest tweaks. The team also posted the new XMB icon they might using, this will also feature the version [...]


[Release] EmuMaster V3.GX FF XIII Edition

Genesis vids has just let us know his newest version of EmuMaster is now ready and sports a nice new FF XIII theme. A code clean up means this version is now running slightly faster than any previous versions. Don’t recall Emumaster? Well its based [...]


Amiga PSP Emulator: PSPUAE V0.80 Beta Released

httpvhd:// Its been a long time since PSPUAE was updated (Over two years!), but its never too late and the Commodore Amiga emulator just got a boost with AGA chipset support. I’m a huge fan of the Amiga. PSPUAE is still a bit flakey in [...]


N64 Emulator: DaedalusX64 Alpha Revision 466

A few changes in the latest release of DaedalusX64, the Nintendo 64 emulator for PSP. The teams introduced a new GUI and various other tweaks and changes. There are two download options, either revision 463 with the ROM previews included (32mb) or the lighter recent [...]


NES Emulator: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM

NES Emulator: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM

Suluko has released his own mix of Popular NES emulator NesterJ for the PSP. His version combines the best parts from byemu’s and Takka’s version with some additional parts from Davex, full details are below in the changelog: NesterJ 1.12 Plus 0.61 RM Changelog: From [...]


MVSPSP, CPS1 and CPS2 Emulators for PSP-3000

httpv:// NoEffet and Davee have removed the PSP Slim hardware check on NJ’s Neo Geo and Capcom play system 1 and 2 emulators. So they will now work without needing to cache the ROMs. So your now using the full 64mb of on-board PSP-3000 ram. [...]