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PSP 3D Plugin v2.0 released!

The Developer PSPWizard has released an update to its popular Plugin PSP3D. This update is compatible with more psp games but not with all, only those that have been listened below. -Added support for: -Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. -Jack & Daxter: The Final Frontier. [...]


PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 Released.

Anmabagima has updated his PSP 3D Plugin to support Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. You can now “play” with the 3D appearance by hold R + L Shoulder and using digipad left or right. PSP 3D Plugin v1.0 Changelog: new game support: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [...]


PSP 3D Plugin v0.2. Play PSP games in 3D

Anmabagima has released version 0.2 of his PSP 3D plug-in. Waiting for a 3DS? Well this plug-in will give you some 3D action on you PSP while you wait. Support for more games, improved stability and new 3D glasses supported. PSP 3D Plugin v0.2 changelog: [...]