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PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15. Fixes videos not playing in 6.xx

Cooleyes has released PMPlayer Advance 3.15, this version fixes the problem with some videos not playing under firmware 6.xx. PPA is a media player that can play MKV, MP4, PMP, FLV formats. PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.15 changelog: – fixed some videos can not play in [...]


PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.14. PSP Go ef0 storage *Updated*

PMPlayer Advance (PPA) 3.14. PSP Go ef0 storage *Updated*

Updated: 18/Feb. Cooleyes has posted PMPlayer Advance 3.14, which fixes the browse ef0, usbhost0 and nethost0 crash bug. Download below. Cooleyes has released an update to his PMPLayer Advance. Its now supporting PSP Go model’s internal storage ef0. He has also fixed some NID’s changed [...]