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PicoDrive v1.51 Sega CD / Genesis Emulator

Homebrew developer Notaz has released PicoDrive v1.51. This is a bug fix release of his MegaDrive / Genesis and Sega CD emulator for the PSP. Changelog: * Improved bin_to_cso_mp3 tool, it should no longer complain about missing lame.exe even if it’s in working dir. * [...]

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PicoDrive PSP v1.35a Bios bug fixed

Sony PlayStation Portable homebrew developer notaz has just released a bugfix for he’s PicoDrive Sega Genesis / Megadrive and Sega CD/Mega CD. Emulator. It seems the last release had quite a serious bug in when you tested the bios you were able to load any [...]


PicoDrive SEGA CD and MegaDrive Emulator

PicoDrive SEGA CD and MegaDrive Emulator

Another Sega CD and Mega Drive /  emulator has been released today for the Playstation Portable. This one is by Homebrew developer Notaz. He has quoted that most Genesis / Mega Drive games will run at full speed, Sega CD emulator is some what slow [...]