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Half Byte Loader (HBL) R116 for Firmware 6.60

Silly enough that you updated to 6.60 from 6.39 CFW and missing your homebrew? And your on a non flashable PSP. No CFW 6.60 ME love? Well Wololo, JJS and m0skit0 have a Get Out of Jail Free card for you. Well sorta. Working together [...]


HBL Rev 112 for the sukkiri exploit. Compatible with FW 6.35

Wololo and the Team have released Half Byte Loader Rev 112 for the Minna no Sukkiri demo exploit This will help ease some of the pain for those out there not on OFW 6.20 enjoying 6.20 TN HEN. Users on 6.20+ and up to 6.35 [...]


Minna no Sukkiri Firmware 6.35 exploit and HBL port released!

Minna no Sukkiri Firmware 6.35 exploit and HBL port released!

Jeerum has released a Firmware 6.35 exploit for Demo: Minna no Sukkiri aka Everybody’s Sukkiri. Its apparently something he shouldn’t have done…(more on that below). The exploit, which many other PSP coders (including including Darxploit, Flyer, minomushi, and PSH’s very own some1) had found and [...]


Half Byte Loader Revision 109

httpvhd:// Wololo posted the latest Half Byte Loader release today. HBL Rev 109 has improved compatibility, thanks to some work done by JJS. He also fixed the issue which prevented Gpsp from going back to the HBL menu, an issue that had been here for [...]


Half Byte Loader Revision 107. Refreshed Patapon 2 exploit.

httpvhd:// Wololo and the crew have released the latest Half Byte Loader. HBL Rev 107 has a lot of great improvements according to Wololo and Hot shots Golf 2, Everybody’s golf 2, or Minna no golf 2 are now officially supported. The Patapon 2 save [...]


Half-Byte Loader Firmware 6.30/6.31 for Hotshots Golf 2 (WIP)

httpvhd:// Despite Total_Noobs work on a 6.20 kernel exploit and 6.20 TN HEN Wololo and the team are pressing on with  HBL. Wololo has posted a work in progress video of a pending release of HBL. This time for Hot Shots Golf 2. This adds [...]


Half Byte Loader Revision 101 Released. Improved Compatibility.

Wololo has released his latest version of the Half Byte Loader. Revision 101 fixes many stability issues on the golf exploit (all versions). Also improved homebrew compatibility on the PSP Go. To make things easier for everyone and noobs included I’ll make this real clear. [...]


Half Byte Loader R100 Released

httpvhd:// Still hard at work, wololo and the HLB development team have released Revision 100 of the Half Byte Loader! It seems like yesterday when the initial release of the HBL occured, but here we are 100 revisions in, and look what has been accomplished! [...]


Half Byte Loader R99 Released

Just when you thought things would cool down for a while, it fires up again. In the wake of last weeks release of the Half Byte Loader ports to 6.3X, Wololo just released R99 of the Half Byte Loader, or HBL as most call it. [...]