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PSPdisp 0.5.1. Now supports Half Byte Loader!

httpv:// PSPdisp has just been update to version 0.51. PSPdisp is an application which allows you to use your PSP as a second monitor for your PC. Version 0.5.1 now supports Half Byte Loader, but with a few limitations as pointed out below in the [...]


Half Byte Loader Revision 107. Refreshed Patapon 2 exploit.

httpvhd:// Wololo and the crew have released the latest Half Byte Loader. HBL Rev 107 has a lot of great improvements according to Wololo and Hot shots Golf 2, Everybody’s golf 2, or Minna no golf 2 are now officially supported. The Patapon 2 save [...]


6.31 TN-A (HEN) port. TN has working VSH exploit too

Total_Noob has just posted an interesting comment on his blog a few hours ago, looks like he might be working on a 6.31 TN-A (HEN) port for Wololo’s HBL for Everyone’s golf. But even more interesting if you ask me, is the fact that Total_Noob [...]


CFW 6.20 TN (HEN) now has PRX support. 92% of homebrews too

A fresh update from Total_Noob via his update blog. He worked a bit more on the NID translator and now has prx plug-in homebrew games working. So homebrew like FUSA which uses a prx plug-in, are now working. 92% homebrew is support. Not sure where [...]


[Release] Twisted Download v4.0 for Half Byte Loader users

[Release] Twisted Download v4.0 for Half Byte Loader users

httpv:// Mu1der has just sent us word of his new Twisted Download v4.0. This PC utility has had a huge refresh and now sports an easier tab system for downloads. Updates to Twisted Download include a new auto checking feature, which checks for updated apps [...]


Wololo tests 6.20 TN (HEN) on a PSP-3000 FW 6.20, 100% Working!

httpvhd:// The above video, Wololo has tested Total_Noob´s 6.20 kernel exploit and 6.20 TN (HEN). Wololo can confirm its working on his PSP-3000 OFW 6.20. We can also assume it should be working on the PSP Go too (Needs testing) Here´s what Wololo said about [...]


6.20 TN (HEN) now has 90% Homebrew support

httpvhd:// Update: 16/10 Total_Noob has possibly posted his last update on 6.20 TN (HEN) for a while it seems. As he goes back to school, leaving little time for his kernel exploit work. However he has again confirmed that it will be released before Christmas. [...]


Half-Byte Loader Firmware 6.30/6.31 for Hotshots Golf 2 (WIP)

httpvhd:// Despite Total_Noobs work on a 6.20 kernel exploit and 6.20 TN HEN Wololo and the team are pressing on with  HBL. Wololo has posted a work in progress video of a pending release of HBL. This time for Hot Shots Golf 2. This adds [...]


6.20 TN (HEN) Total_Noob: Its no fake, New video

httpvhd:// Update 11th: A new video has been uploaded from Total_Noob, this time running some homebrew via his 6.20 TN HEN exploit. A PSP Go 6.20 TN HEN video is coming also… After some hours of working I get the first homebrew running. The HEN [...]


Half Byte Loader Revision 101 Released. Improved Compatibility.

Wololo has released his latest version of the Half Byte Loader. Revision 101 fixes many stability issues on the golf exploit (all versions). Also improved homebrew compatibility on the PSP Go. To make things easier for everyone and noobs included I’ll make this real clear. [...]


Half Byte Loader R100 Released

httpvhd:// Still hard at work, wololo and the HLB development team have released Revision 100 of the Half Byte Loader! It seems like yesterday when the initial release of the HBL occured, but here we are 100 revisions in, and look what has been accomplished! [...]


Half Byte Loader R99 Released

Just when you thought things would cool down for a while, it fires up again. In the wake of last weeks release of the Half Byte Loader ports to 6.3X, Wololo just released R99 of the Half Byte Loader, or HBL as most call it. [...]


Half Byte Loader Rev 95 for 6.3x Hello world Hot Shots Golf SDK’s

httpvhd:// FrEdDy has released a Hello World for the EU version of Hot Shots Golf named Everybody’s Golf. So the Half Byte Loader and Save data Exploit is now working world wide. Both the US version and EU versions. The games are still on PSN [...]


Half Byte Loader for 6.30 & 6.31 released & Exploit game named! *Updated*

UPDATE: EU versions of the game work too, Both UMD and PSN versions! So good news all round the globe. *UPDATE* Wololo has verified that the exploit (not the HBL port, just the exploit) works in both the US UMD and PSN versions of Hot [...]